Sodium Selenite Nutritional Supplement

Sodium Selenite

Sodium Selenite, an inorganic salt of the mineral selenium, is very often used as a dietary supplement. The salt of the micronutrient sodium Selenite works as an antioxidant stabilizing the free radicals that damages the body.

Benefits of Sodium Selenite Supplement

Sodium Selenite supplement which acts as an antioxidant can:

  • prevent premature ageing

  • be used to treat cardiovascular disease and sexual dysfunctioning.

  • boost the immune system and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

Sodium Selenite supplement has been found effective in reducing the chance of occurrence of colorectal and prostate cancer. The supplement is also found to improve the health of the skin and in treating a number of skin diseases.

Who can benefit from taking Sodium Selennite Supplement

Selenium deficiency is very rare in human beings but those having compromised intestinal function can have a deficiency of this micronutrient due to the inappropriate absorption of selenium. In such cases, a supplement of the Sodium Selenite can help to attain the proper functioning of the body.

Similarly, the amount of selenium in the soil is decreasing and hence the food has a lower level of the mineral calling for a supplement of it along with the food. Same way, anyone wishing for a good health and slow ageing can also take the supplement on doctor’s prescription.

Side Effects of Sodium Selenite Supplement

High dose of selenium supplement can lead to selenosis, a condition which includes intestinal upset, mild nerve damage, unhealthy nil etc. A dose of more than 400 mcg a day can lead to this condition and it is considered as the tolerable upper level of the mineral. Same way, it is not advisable to take Sodium Selenate supplement along with Vitamin C as the Vitamin can interfere with selenium absorption.

Sodium Selenite Dosage

The recommended dosage of sodium Selenite supplement is 50 to 70 mcg a day. And in case of children it is 10 tom 30 mcg a day.