Social Well Being

What is Social Well Being?

Social well being is a state of affair to meet the basic needs of the common people. Social well being is a comprehensive status of a society which is away from any social threats such as poverty, unemployment, medial support, non-education etc. If common people can stay very happily in a society with all inclusive basic necessities then he/she will be called to live in a state of social well being. Social well being defines as a state of complete society which has full support of all basic amenities.

Why does Social Well Being require?

Social well being is very important for human being. Without a society no human beings can live. However, all human beings are living in societies all over the world but there are many societies where people are unable to get all basic necessities. Many societies of the world are suffering with poverty, unemployment, mal-nutrition and many other basic necessities faults. Therefore, it is an awareness to let all societies to know about to live in a proper civilized way. Human beings are civilized people but they have to have civil facilities to live in the world. Therefore, the awareness of social well being is the very important part of knowledge for human being.

Common Society Facts

Technology is developing day by day, but still there are many societies in the world they are not having a little blink of it. They do not know what the technology is and how far it can help human beings. There are many underdeveloped societies in the third world countries especially fourth world countries too where many people do not have the roof to sleep well at night. Many people are not able to have full meals 2 times a day. Those societies are far away from the employment conditions as their very basic needs are not fulfilled. They cannot think about the technology and other development of the world. Food, shelter and clothes these three things are considered the utmost basic needs for the human beings to live in a society but many people around the world are unable to bear these three things in this twenty first century! So, social well being is considered one of the most important factors for human beings to have a greater sign of living standard.

Social Well Being – Impact of Technology

Do you think technology development can help making social well being? As of now, new technology development has ruled the modern life. Everyday technology is getting a newer shape with maximum facilities. Do you think the development of technology can forward its efforts to have social well being? If not, what should be the best approach of social well being? We know clearly that technology cannot help uneducated people to let them aware about social well being but of course technology can take part in it to make a greater sense. If technology can show the society the importance of it then the society can understand and value it. For example – when there were no tractors in the villages people used to plow their fields by manual efforts but when they found tractors they started plowing fields with tractors. Hence, technology can take a big part to make social well being but someone should be there to take initiatives.