Smokey Eyes Makeup for a Fashionable Look

Applying makeup for any occasion has always been important for a woman. Smokey eyes makeup is a very trendy style that is loved by most women. This makeup style brings out a different look in a woman’s appearance. As they say, applying makeup is an art, therefore why not master this art. The secret behind perfect smokey eyes makeup is blending the right colors.
Before you start applying, you should know the latest colors and understand the proper blending. When choosing eye shadow shades go for gray, black, dark green or brown rather than shades of blue. Follow these steps below and get the desired smokey eyes that you would have always wished to have.

Smokey Eyes Makeup Tips

Step 1- Apply some eye shadow base on your eyelids. This is to remove excess oil and prevents the eye shadow from melting all over your eyelids.

Step 2- Choose the eyeliner color that you want to apply over your eyelids. Colors like brown, gray, black or brown would look good. When you are applying the eyeliner, it should be applied from the inner corner of your eyelids gradually moving out. Do remember to thicken the eyeliner in the middle of your eyelids. If you wish to have a jewel-toned eyes, shades like blue, deep green and purple eyeliner would give a good effect. Now take a cotton piece and smudge the liner a little.

Step 3- Now apply a lighter shade of eyeliner on your lower eyelids. It has to be applied in a straight line. Your lower eyelids would be important to get the smokey eye effect. Apply some eye shadow and smudge it a little to get the smokey effect.

Step 4- After you are done with it; apply a light base color on your browbones. To get the desired effect, a cream eye shadow will be perfect. There should be a little shimmer in the eye shadow.

Step 5- Choose any shade of dark eye shadow. With the help of a brush, start blending the color from your lash line and gradually moving towards the crease. Blend it well in an upward and downward direction so that the eyeliner mixes with it.

Step 6- To get a proper finish, use a Q-tip to make any corrections if required.

Steps 7- To complete the smokey eye makeup apply two coats of black mascara. Now you are ready with the most attractive smokey eyes.

Applying makeup can be very interesting provided you know what colors go with each other. Bring out your creativity and try different color blending to get smokey eyes. Nothing can be more mesmerizing than a pair of mysterious smokey eyes.

This look can be tried for occasions like a night party, going to the club or with just about anything. Do remember that if you are highlighting your eyes, the rest of the face should be kept low. A gloss is all you need with the smokey eye makeup to enhance your looks.