Skin Toner

Skin Toner

These days’ women have started discarding toner in their regular skin care regime and only use exfoliation and moisturizer as the key steps to retain a healthy, vibrant and young skin. 

What is Skin Toner

This is however a grave mistake, as toning is a very necessary phase of a daily skin caring routine. Toning is followed by the cleansing routine and virtually serves some necessary purposes.
  1. Toning clogs the pores of the skin. Cleansing of the skin opens the pores. Because of this, moisture can leave the skin, which leads to dehydration of the skin. This is not an expected effect in addition to losing moisture from the skin which is highly undesirable.
  2. Closing of the pores has another benefit. It wards off dust and other air born particles from settling in the pores and causing further problems. Besides this high quality, natural toners are also good anti-septic and offers moisture and nourishment to the skin, preparing the skin for the further step of moisturizing in a skin care regime.

Cleansing and Toning Separate Steps

Some skin care companies have tried to remove this requirement for this step blending cleansing and toning phases into one step and made their cleansers to fuse toning functions.
Think about this concept for a second and you will realize how ridiculous this could be. A cleanser is expected to open the pores and discard dirt and other waste from the pores and thus cleansing the skin. A toner, as is said above, is meant to close to pores than how it can serve as a pore opener? It cannot serve the purpose!
Any astringent (element that closes the pores) cannot be administered on the skin simultaneously as a product meant to open and cleanse the pores. The entire idea is just to promote a product to career oriented (time-poor) women by communicating them they can blend these two steps and thus save time.
Unfortunately most women do not realize just how their skin care products function. They like them, their skin may appear good and the products hence seem to be working well. In reality however, these kinds of skin care products are only doing a limited amount of caring for the skin and the mass of the products benefits very little at all except looking good on the shelf and on your wallet.

The Basic Steps to Maintain Healthy Skin

The three major steps in any great regular skin care plan must include cleansing, toning and moisturizing. In addition, you should always choose relying natural skin products, as there are so many synthetic and artificial chemicals in commercially produced skin care products which may actually be harmful to your skin in the long run.

What Ingredients a Natural Toner Contain and How it Serve The Purpose.

The Toner from Wildcrafted Herbal Products is facilitated for oily skin and has a number of naturally opted ingredients including Witch hazel, Rosemary, Peppermint and Juniper Berry. These herbs and essential oils have an invigorating effective on the skin. Niaouli, while Grapefruit, and Sweet Orange rejuvenate the skin and unite to retain normal sebum (oil) secretion.

Know the Benefits of Product

It is necessary to understand the functions a specific product is meant to have and how these functions react with the other activities of daily skin care regime. After knowing this you will now probably realize why toning is a part and parcel of your daily skin care regime. 

What Skin Toner Do

The Skin Toner composition contains strong and active elements that guarantee real results and will naturally tone, maintain and heal to catapult your skin's complexion.
Research has manifested the essential oils in this formula to be extremely effective anti-inflammatory elements for oily, combination, and problem texture.
You may also use your Skin Toner for after-sun care, to comfort any condition of redness or irritation.
Use your toner to refresh your skin during the day by applying over your face and décolletage. This will retain the moisture and freshness of your face and neck throughout your day.

Skin Toner Formula

2 ounce of colored glass misting bottle containing pure fresh water and blend pure organic necessary oils of Lavender (5 drops), Ylang Ylang (5 drops), Geranium (5 drops), Frankincense (3 drops), Rose (5 drops) and Carrot Seed (2 drops).

How to Apply Skin Toner

To cleanse, tone and soothe your skin, shake bottle and then spray sufficient quantity of your Balancing Skin Toner to soak a cotton facial pad. Softly apply on your face stroking in an upward direction. Now leave your skin to dry gradually prior to applying your favorite day moisturizer or night cream to ensure you get the best from your moisturizing product.

Other Tips for Healthy Skin

Remember to intake sufficient pure and fresh water. Fluids like tea, soda or coffee are believed to display a dehydrating impact upon the body and soul.


Aromatherapy is Natural therapy. Aromatic Oils are the magical essence of a plant, a drop or two of which, can create prominent results for your body, soul and spirit. Properly facilitated essential oils are a natural, safe and substantial way to improve your health and well-being and may create satisfying results where other methods have surrendered.