Skin Rashes

Skin Rashes

With winter round the corner, people throng shops to purchase woolen threads, blankets and other stuff to keep them warm. And not to forget in the shopper’s list during winter is the ‘winter care lotion’ or ‘cold cream’, which claims to protect from skin rashes during winter. However, there could be no person without developing skin rashes in his/her life at one point of time or the other. 

What are Skin Rashes?

Skin rashes are the red and scaly area on the skin, which is often painful and itchy. While there are many reasons behind developing skin rashes, it is more common when exposed to moist atmosphere.  Skin rashes are also mostly seen among people with skin allergies.

Skin Rashes in Children:  Children are said to develop skin rashes due to drug reactions. Notably, skin acts as the mirror when something unusual happens with the medication. The redness on the skin, especially in the children should never be ignored. Rushing to your doctor is the best thing you could do if you see any rashes on the skin of your baby.

Skin Rashes in Women: Women are more likely to get skin rashes given the fact that she is the person, in most of the countries, soaks her hands into n number of detergents while washing the dishes and clothes. 

What is the Skin Rashes Remedy?

Due to the detergent reactions, as mentioned above, skin rashes are common in women. Initially a woman with skin rashes is advised to apply moisturizers or other itch creams, such as Itch Guard and stuff like that. However, rushing to a nearby dermatologist is a must if the primary applications do not work out.

Allergies:  People who are allergic to certain eatables may usually end up having rashes on their skin when they consume such food.  For instance, a person knowing that he is allergic to curd, may take it as he likes it. He will, however, develop skin rashes due to the intake of the allergic product.  In such case, it is always advisable to keep oneself away from allergy foods. Nevertheless, doctor is always there to help you out after you consume unwanted food.

Costume Jewellery: The costume jewellery, in most of the cases, lead to skin rashes. Application of creams besides antibiotics and injections will cure the skin rashes in no time.

Skin Rashes—life threatening:  The skin rashes are often not life threatening and can be cured with simple medication. However, there are a few skin rashes, which are said to be life-threatening.  They include—Pemphigus Vulgaris (PV), Steven’s Johnson Syndrome (SJS), Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis (TEN), Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS), and Staphylococcal Scaled Skin Syndrome (SSS). A person developing these skin rashes will have rashes spread across the body or in the sensitive areas—eyes and rectum. Also, these skin rashes are said to affect the mucous membranes.

Treatments:  A person with the above said life threatening skin rashes should get admitted to a hospital, wherein all kinds of tests will be done on him and then given IV fluids.