Common Skin Infections

Common Skin Infections

Come monsoon, the cosmetic production companies offer a variety of products keeping in view the skin of the people, which surely gets affected due to extreme climatic conditions.

And this is the time when most people easily get infected with skin diseases. Right from general itching to developing rashes on skin, infections can be of any type and can damage your health if not cured in a timely manner.

What is skin infection all about? Any infection, which is affecting your skin, nails and hair, can be called as a skin infection. A skin specialist or a dermatologist is the person who cures the disease with the help of medication. The skin infections are broadly divided into bacterial infections and fungal infections.

Bacterial Infection on Skin:

A skin infection that is caused by bacteria is called as bacterial skin infection. You never know whether your skin infection is caused by bacteria or fungus. A dermatologist is the best person, who not only diagnoses the kind of skin infection that you’re carrying but also treats effectively for the same. However, here is a list of skin infections caused by the bacteria, which gives a brief picture about these infections. It will help you enable to know—with which infection you’re suffering— before you approach your doctor.

  • Erysipelas: This is a common infection caused by the bacteria Streptococcus (gram positive) which is seen in people suffering from diabetes, and among the people, who have cuts on their bodies. If you have developed red rashes besides blisters on your skin, then chances are that you are infected with Erysipelas. Penicillin is said to be the best medicine to cure this infection while Erythromycin is also prescribed by many doctors.
  • Erythrasma: Another bacterial disease, which is most commonly affected, is Erythriasma, which is a chronic skin infection. A person with this infection will develop pink patches on the skin that will later turn to brown scales. This disease is treated with antibiotics.
  • Impetigo: With pus filled blisters on the skin, a patient will not only feel pain but also uncomfortable as the blisters can appear on face too besides arms and legs. This infection is also treated with antibiotics.
  • Paronychia: There could be no woman in the world, who would not love her nails. That’s the reason behind many nail polish ads appearing on TV screens in the peak hours. And there are bacteria that can affect the skin over toe and finger nails. The infection area would turn into abscess with pus in it. The treatment would include cutting the abscess for draining the pus and antibiotics. In some cases, antifungal medicines are used to cure this infection.

Fungal Skin Infection Symptoms:

These are the infections, which we happen to hear in day-to-day lives as they are most commonly affected skin diseases. Unlike bacteria, these skin infections are caused by fungus and hence the named as fungal infections. Creams like Sapat Lotion and Ring Guard—which are often promoted through ads—are used to treat fungal infections.

  • Ring Worm: Ring worm, which is often known as dhobi’s itch in India is caused due to excessive sweating, by wearing tight clothes and also through physical contact of the infected persons. A person infected by ring worm develop ring like itchy scale on the skin, which looks red and dry. These are treated through anti-fungal creams and sometimes the disease is treated through injections.
  • Athlete’s Foot: This kind of infection is usually seen in athletes, and among the people who wear non-porous shoes. The disease is characterized by the scaling and fissures. Depending on the severity of the infection, a doctor may choose between medicines and anti-fungal creams.
  • Jock Itch: A person infected with jock itch, which is also known as Tineacrusis, will develop long scales on inner thighs that are long and visible. This is most commonly seen in women compared to men. The infection is treated with the help of tablets, creams and injection.

These are a few kinds of skin infections, which are commonly seen among the people. And approaching a doctor is a must if you develop any kind of skin infection.