Skin Cleansing

Skin Cleansing


Skin Cleansing is one of the important processes to make your skin look clean, younger and dirt free. It helps in removing the dirt that has been accumulated at the surface of the skin and also the impurities and the other substances that cause the pores of the skin to clog. It is thus advisable that to maintain a healthy and lively skin regular cleansing is compulsory and should be done without fail. The people who have normal skin it is recommended that they should the cleansing atleast 2 to 3 times a day but if you have a oily skin or also if your skin is exposed to dust particles and grime most of the times then it would be preferred that you clean your skin atleast 4 to 5 times a day. The process of skin cleansing can be done in the way you like either by using soap or with the help of some cleansing agent like scrub or facial cream.

Before you start with skin cleansing program you first need to know about the type of skin you have and accordingly you should choose the cleanse for yourself. The process for skin cleansing is not common for all the skin types as the needs and demand of each skin varies a lot. For example if you have a oily skin it is doubtful for you to acquire pimples and black heads therefore it would be recommended that forming wash will be the best cleansing agent for you as it protects the natural oils of the skin; Similarly if you are having dry skin the most suitable cleansing agent for you will be cleansing milk and it is advisable that you should avoid skin cleansing frequently as it may dry the skin more.

If you have combination type of skin that is both oily and dry then it is recommended for you to use cleansing gel has it cleans the skin gently and also do not have a drying effect. Finally if you have a mature skin and has reduced the elasticity then this type of skin prone to become dry skin therefore the cleansing agent advised is cleansing milk or cleansing cream.

Skin Cleansing Steps

Skin cleansing is a vital part of skin care and it is essential as it removes excess oil, dirt and black heads from the face.  Thus it is very important to note down that if the cleansing is not done with the proper process it might happen that skin will look sluggish, dull and tired. Also the minor problems of the skin will transpire. Therefore skin cleansing should be done in proper steps. They are as follows:

  • You need to wash your hands properly and they should be well clean as this will prevent the bacteria transfer.
  • In a good quantity the cleansing cream should be applied on the face and neck.
  • You should always use moist cotton to remove the cleansing cream from the face as the dry cotton may also remove the moisture of the face.
  • Skin cleansing done two times a day once in the morning and second in the night before going to bed.

Skin cleansing should be done in such a way that is should be effective and no irritation is cause to the skin and above all it should suit the skin. It is an important skin care activity to gain a flawless fresh complexion and with regular cleansing it helps to slough of dead cells. It also releases the toxins under the skin which cumulate together to make the complexion of the skin dull. Skin cleansing also improve the blood circulation and removes the dead cells.