Skin Care Remedies

Skin Care Remedies

Having healthy, glowing and beautiful skin plays a huge role in a person’s life. In fact the great thing about having healthy and beautiful skin is that it has a huge positive impact on the self confidence of a person. Some people are blessed with beautiful skin while others have to put in a bit of effort to maintain their beautiful skin. It might not be “a walk in the park”  but it is certainly attainable. There are many remedies which one can try at home or go to a professional in order to maintain the beauty of the skin. People can even turn to nature in case artificial products are not what they are looking for.

Home Made Remedies for the Skin

  • Rosewater is pretty easy to prepare at home as all one needs are some rose petals and water. Rosewater is a great natural product which works on multiple levels to beautify the skin. It rehydrates the skin with all the essential ingredients and helps the skin retain moisture in a better manner. The essence of rose is captured in the water and this is what helps in reducing the effect of dark spots on the skin.

  • Cucumber facial is another treatment one could turn to in order to help get clear and healthy skin. This treatment has been adopted and turned in to many a variation of beauty products which are mass produced. A cucumber facial for one is a totally natural form of treatment, hence there are no side effects. Moreover not only is a cucumber facial cleansing to the skin but it also has other purposes as well. It removes all the dirt and grime which gets collected over time in the pores of the skin. Cucumber is also endowed with many hormones which act as an anti aging agent. If lemon is used along with cucumber then the mixture certainly helps in relieving the face of fine lines over a period of time. Even certain deep wrinkles can be turned in to smooth and soft skin. Cucumber face pack is a great remedy for dehydrated skin as well.

  • Certain bath salts are great for rashes and skin diseases as they lessen the effect of the bacteria and fungi which cause the rashes in the first place. These bath salts are also great cleansers and help get rid of dead skin and dirt. As a matter of fact bath salts have been used to cure skin problems for many centuries.

  • Application of orange juice also does wonders for the skin. Orange as a fruit is citrus in nature. This makes it a natural oxidant agent. Moreover, the juice and the pulp of orange have a lot of vitamin C which after application is absorbed by the skin. This makes the skin look radiant and glowing.

  • A banana can also be a natural remedy for dark circles and dry skin as well. After mashing up a banana one can apply it on the skin. If the skin is unusually dry then it will soak up all the nutrients from the mashed fruit in order to make the skin soft and supple again. Moreover, a banana has high content of potassium which will help in reducing the dark circles.

Artificial Products

  • There are many skin related products in the market some of which are made with natural ingredients while others are artificial. One can use exfoliating face washes in order to get rid of dead skin and thoroughly clean the skin so that it glows. Such exfoliating creams also mean that the skin is rid of black heads and other similar blemishes.

  • There are many creams which do not have any natural ingredient but help in reducing and getting rid of acne. With enough research one can find a suitable product easily.