Skin Care for Mother and Baby

Skin is the external protective layer of our body. It is our first line of defense against dust and pollution. Hence, our skin should be frequently cleansed and nourished. In this context, skin care for mother and baby is particularly important as they are both very delicate at this stage of life.

Some important tips on skin care for mother and baby are listed below:

Skin Care for Mothers:

  • Some of the common skin related issues for a new mother are ingrown hair, stretch marks, rashes and cuts.
  • A mother should take special care to moisturize her hands and body as they tend to become dry during this period. Moisturizing towels are a convenient option for the busy mothers.
  • The regular regimen of exfoliation, cleansing and toning must be continued as they help maintain the natural oil balance of the skin and also keep your skin glowing.
  • As a new mother, it is difficult to get a good night’s sleep. But the dark circles must be dealt using good relaxation and massage techniques.

Skin Care for Babies:

  • Babies have a very delicate skin. So, use natural products to nourish your baby’s skin.
  • Use mild baby soaps, preferably non-soap cleansers if your baby has extra sensitive skin.
  • Avoid using talcum powders as they tend to scratch and irritate the skin and cause rashes.
  • Take special care not to expose your baby to sun in the afternoons. They can result in sun burns. However, morning sun is beneficial to the babies as furnish numerous vitamins (D).
  • Beware of cradle cap among young infants caused due to drying up of the scalp.
  • Use a mild chlorine-free detergent to wash baby’s clothes as the detergent residues can cause allergies and rashes. Also, for the same reason use soft cotton clothing as far as possible; avoid direct contact of woolen clothing.

Skin care for mother and baby involves choosing the right products. Products that contain natural and organic extracts and fewer ingredients are best, both for the mother and baby.