Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer


Skin cancer is the most common disease these days for those people who spent their lots of time under direct sun rays and with no protection. You will see the skin cancer signs mostly developing of those areas of the skin that are directly exposed to the sun such as hands, legs, neck, face, lips and ears.

Cancer is considered to be the disease of the new age and is capable of causing death of the victim who is suffering it. There are many types of cancer and they affect different parts of body. The most common one amongst the all is Skin Cancer. It has been registered that the patient is unable to identify the symptoms of skin cancer as they are ignorant and have no knowledge about the disease and its effects. Thus it is recommended that whenever you see anything unusual occurring in your skin; for example like change of colour of the skin or change in shape and size then act in time as it is the time for you to get some professional help from the specialist medical practitioner.

When you visit a doctor or a medical professional the first thing that he or she will suggest is to take special care of the affected area and to keep a close watch on the same for some days. As it is defined that cancer is the most malignant disease and it has the capacity of multiple vociferously. The cells of cancer multiply at a very faster rate and thus cause a lot if disturbance in the essential parts of body. Not all cancer cells have some characteristics some of them are different from the others and they are not detectable till a long time unlike skin cancer though it looks like a small it is quiet deadly if it is not treated in time and its Tumor is visible and it is detectable in the early stages.

Signs of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is one of the most common diseases and has certain specific symptoms through which it is identified easily. Also if the care is taken at the early stage it will be a great help for the patient. The signs of Skin Cancer that helps to raise the awareness among the people and also to give them a way to take care of the same in the initial stage are defined as the first five letters of the Alphabets; A-B-C-D-E;
They are as follows:

  • A- It stands for asymmetry. It is an important aspect of Skin Cancer signs that must be kept in mind. In this situation the two parts of skin are unequal in terms of moles and freckles and thus indicating that it is the time to pay a visit to the Doctor.
  • B – Stands for border. In this situation the moles and freckles develops a rough edge at the border and indicates that it is time to seek the help from medical professional.
  • C- Stands for colour. It is the most commonly watched symptom and is well known to all. If you see sudden changes in the colour of skin then remember that you need doctor’s help.
  • D – Stands for diameter. In this situation the area that is affected will be larger than 6mm or to be specific it appears to be blotting out. Thus indicating you to consult a doctor immediately.
  • E – Stands for evolving.  The normal mole on your body will show a slight change like you will itch or the colour of the mole will change or it grows in the bigger size then it is time for you to visit doctor.

The best and possible way of protecting skin cancer is to cover your skin whenever you are out in the hot weather and also to consult the professional as soon as you see the symptoms.