Skin Allergies

Skin Allergies

The skin is most affected by allergic reactions to almost anything. People use a lot of products which are artificial in nature along with medications which might not blend well with their body. Hence, these things cause adverse reactions in the body or on it. These adverse reactions are nothing but allergies. Allergies can be in many forms and most of them can be brought under control via medication.

Eyelid Rashes

  • One of the most common types of allergies seen in women is eyelid rashes. This mostly occurs in women because many a times they are caused by some cosmetic product being used by them. This cosmetic product might be an eye liner or a hair product etc.
  • Many of the cosmetic products available in market today have artificial ingredients and chemicals in them which might cause more harm than good. For example some of the products include minerals like cobalt and nickel in small quantities. Some people have skin which is allergic to these things. Some of the cosmetics also have antigens used in them. Even hair sprays and nail polish or nail polish remover can cause eyelid rashes.
  • These eyelid rashes will not show up initially but slowly one can notice a difference and upon careful observation can notice red patches, itchy skin etc. Another reason as to why eyelid rashes are so common is that the skin on the eyelids is extremely sensitive. The skin in this area is thin and thus it is easy for the harmful elements to get absorbed in the skin which trigger an allergic reaction.

Sun Allergies

  • Sun related skin allergies are not the most common but a number of people suffer from them. The skin of such people cannot take exposure of the skin to the sun for a long period of time. These rashes or allergies are sometimes visible or invisible. The causes for this are many.
  • As mentioned before some people cannot take exposure to sunlight for a long time. Others might use skin lotions or any other topical lotion which causes an allergy when exposed to the sun. Then there are different drugs which makes the skin extremely sensitive to sunlight. Thus, people prescribing to the medicine will show signs of allergy.
  • One kind of sun allergy is solar urticaria. In this case the person starts suffering from hives after exposing the skin to sunlight. The skin becomes red in color and people also experience a lot of itching.

Skin Allergies due to Metals

  • Such skin allergies are also observed in a great number in women and people who have to work with metals. In the case of women it is mainly due to jewellery. As a practice many women wear bangles or necklaces made of copper, iron, nickel, brass etc.
  • These metals might react to the sweat or may generally cause allergic reaction after sustained contact with the epidermis. The symptoms of skin allergies due to metals are many but some of the most common are the patch of exposed skin turning green, itchy etc.

Skin Allergies due to Chemicals

  • In the day to day life, skin is exposed to a variety of chemicals via the medium of household cleaning products etc. These products contain chemicals which some people are allergic to.
  • Sulphur for example can cause an allergic skin reaction. The skin around the hands is the most affected with these types of allergies. Sometimes even the nails change color. The skin around the nails, on the fingertips or the palm may get red, itchy and develop lesions etc.

The best thing to do in such a case is to visit the doctor and get the affected area checked.