15001550 in Fashion

1500–1550 in Fashion: General Trends

Fashion in western countries during the period 1500–1550 witnessed the use of voluminous clothing. They were worn with plenty of layers. It was a reactionto the cool temperature of Little Ice Age. Use of different fabrics contrasting in nature, slashes, embroidery designs, and other types of surface adornment increased. The tall tapered outline of the late medieval period was replaced with a wide outline, conical in shape for women, with wideness at the hips and generally square for men with breadth at the shoulders.

Baggy, slashed, clouted sleeves were the main attraction and they were turned back to reveal the contrasting linings.

1500–1550 in Fashion: Men’s Clothing

Though initially during this period, men’s clothes were long and narrow, over the period it became wider. Men’s clothing in that period was as mentioned below:

  • A low naked linen shirt or chemise with a higher neck line.
  • A doublet with sleeves in tone.
  • A jerkin
  • Hose
  • Stocking attached with garters
  • A gown with opening in front

From the year 1530, a narrow outline gained more popularity. The collars of that silhouette were high and tight. A slope seen at shoulder portion and the padding disappeared.  Sleeves of the doublets started to be fuller. 

Men belonging to lower class wore a one-piece dress known as cotte, which was tight fitting at waist. Cotte was a knee-length skirt with long sleeves over the hose.

Bright colors such as red, yellow, purple, pink, and green gained popularity among the colors.

In general, the fashion was inflexible and reserved at that time.

1500–1550 in Fashion: Women’s Clothing

In early part of the 16th century, women used to wear a long gown, with sleeves, over a kirtle or undergown. They had to wear a linen chemise or smock as the undergarment.

The gown with high-waist, used mostly in medieval period, advanced in numerous directions in various parts of western world. However, from country to country, the designs seemed to be varied.

Wealthy women were seen wearing precious jewelries like gold chain, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings etc.

Women wore flat shoes with wide square toes.

1500–1550 in Fashion: Hairstyles

During earlier part of 16th century, different types of hats, hair nets and other headdresses were used by women, but with regional differences.

Men were using hats of different designs. A German hat called 'barett was considered fashionable due to its turned-up top. Another hat with halo" brim was also popular. By mid of the century, another type of flat hat was used increasingly.

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