Sinusitis Home Remedies

Sinusitis Home Remedies

You've been feeling down for quite some time. You have developed a stuffy and congested nose also! Your headache is more prominent upon waking up, you feel exhausted and tired and your muscles ache severely. To top it all, your nose drips and your breath smells foul. How devastating!

These are signs of sinusitis. At times, it is often accompanied by fever and cough and generally last for almost 10 days and sometimes more. Sinusitis isn't serious most of the time.

Inflamed Sinuses Symptoms

Your sinuses have air passages inside the bones that cover your nose. They can become inflamed or infected by air related pollutants i.e. bacteria, virus, pollen, or fungi that penetrate the deepest recesses of your sinuses. It all results in swelling and congestion around your nose and face. The swelling hinder the cavity of your sinuses and prohibits the mucus to flush out normally into your nose. This generates pressure in your sinuses. As a result, you feel excruciating frontal headache, pain in surrounding parts of your eyes and facial pain. The pain is severe upon waking up early in the morning or when you lean forward.

Best Natural Home Remedies for Sinusitis

Here are some effective and tested natural home remedies to simmer down your sinusitis pain.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eat healthy and shun foods that stimulate your condition. Enhance your intake of fruits and vegetables. Add phytochemicals and antioxidants in your food to enable it boost your immune system, reduce swelling and alleviate mucous production. Eating at least five servings or more can be good for your sinusitis. Here are some phytochemicals and foods that can enable you feel better.

Quercetin Benefits

This is another name of vitamin P and is found in apples and red onion skin. It diminishes the swelling around your nasal cavities. It’s anti-histamine like effect cuts down mucous production.


Pineapples are a great source of bromelain which is an enzyme useful in getting relieve from swelling and nasal mucous.

Ginger Remedy

You can also take 1-2 teaspoons of ginger essence or ginger juice to alleviate the effect of inflammation and swelling. Ginger forbids inflammation.

Garlic Remedy

Garlic is popular for its antibacterial components. Intake of some chopped raw garlic or its incorporation in your salads can do the trick. Also, you can concoct garlic mixture by soaking 4 knots of garlic. Inhale the aroma. It will clear your stuffy nostrils and sinus cavities.

Eat Fruits and Veggies Rich in Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a great anti-oxidant and diminishes allergic reaction through its inhibitory properties on histamine, the allergic agent that also leads to swelling. It is said when Vitamin C sourced from foods than from synthetic ones are more effective. So eat lots of veggies and fruits i.e. oranges, strawberries, grapefruit, broccoli, bell pepper, parsley and host of others.

Avoid Foods that Encourage Mucus Formation

Dairy products such as cheese, milk and butter can catapult congestion. These encompass highly processed and refined carbohydrates and sweets like chocolates and candies.

Take Ample Rest

Rest will enhance the chances of combating your sinus infection and you can recuperate quickly.

Enhance your Fluid Intake

Take warm water or juice minimum 8 glasses or more in whole day. Proper fluid intake will dilute and enable drain mucous secretions. Cut down in caffeine and alcohol. They will dehydrate you. Also, alcohol can deteriorate the swelling of your nasal and sinus mucosa.

Steam Inhalation

Lean over a pot of boiling water and wrap a towel over your head to collect steam and now inhale the soothing steam. Do this process two times every day for about 15 minutes. Also, a warm shower can release steam you can inhale. The warm moist steam enters your nasal cavities and blocked sinuses and alleviates congestion and pressure. The steam will also dilute the mucus enabling it expels.

Apply Warm Compress on Your Face

Dampen face towels with hot water and put it on your cheeks, nose and eyes. It will placate your facial pain.

Rinse your Nasal Passages

The method is called a nasal lavage. Use a squeeze bottle or a bulb syringe. Follow the product’s guidelines. This process will clean your clogged sinuses of dried mucous and other wastes.

Reduce Nasal and Sinus Congestion

You should cut down your nasal and sinus congestion by using pillows when your sleep to lift your head. This facilitates mucous drainage also.

Consult your ENT Specialist

These are tested and effective natural home remedies for simple and uncomplicated sinusitis. Nevertheless, if you've visited an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist follow the treatment plan he or she suggests together with these natural home remedies. If you have done so and think that your sinusitis isn't recuperating and complications are stimulating, the best option is to seek the professional suggestion of an ENT specialist.