Hair Removal on Side of Face without Side Effects

Hair Removal on Side of Face without Side Effects

The most common method for sides of face hair removal used to be shaving. Even though it is still the most popular mode among men, women surely do not practice it anymore. There are better and safer methods available in the market today.

Need for Sides of Face Hair Removal

Facial hair is a huge issue for both men and women. Being the most visible part, unwanted hair on the face can cause severe discomfort and spoil the self-confidence of many. Most men prefer shaving every day or every other day to get rid of hair from their face. However, for women, shaving is not an option because the regrowth happens in a day’s time and the hair that grows back after shaving tends to be thicker and coarse. Moreover, the face, having very sensitive skin, needs a safe and non-irritating treatment method.

Excess hair on the sides of the face can be due to several issues. Before choosing a method for sides of face hair removal, women have to rule out hormonal imbalance or other related causes for excess hair. 

Natural Methods for Sides of Face Hair Removal

If the amount of hair is little and the area to be covered is less, then natural methods like tweezing and threading will work. They work in a similar manner, where the hair is plucked from its follicle using tweezers in tweezing and a cotton thread in threading. The process involved is quick and can cause some discomfort. The results can last for a couple of weeks. On the downside, they are known to cause irritation and ingrown hairs. Sugaring is another natural method involving natural ingredients. It works similar to waxing.

Other Temporary Methods

Some of the do-it-yourself hair removal options are hair removal lotions, growth inhibiting oral medicines and creams, epilators, and waxing. Except for waxing and epilators, the rest of the options are safe, quick and painless. Creams just dissolve the unwanted hair. Care should be taken in choosing the right cream formulated for one’s skin type and hair color. Inhibitor creams and medicines do not remove hair but inhibit the hair producing enzymes. They are prescription only products and need to be used for few weeks before the results are visible.

Epilators work with plucking motion and are suitable if the hair on the sides of the face is long.  Waxing is a very popular option, as its results last for 6-7 weeks. It is a painful procedure and can cause skin irritations.

Long-Term Solutions

The long-lasting hair removal options suitable for sides of face hair removal are electrolysis, laser and Intense Pulse Light lamps. Electrolysis removes hair permanently and rarely requires retreatment. It is expensive ($25-50/session), moderately painful and a lengthy procedure (15-20 sessions). Laser is the most popular method for facial hair removal, especially for sides of the face. It is less expensive ($200-$350 total) than electrolysis, causes less discomfort, and needs fewer sessions (4-6 sessions). The results last for a long time and any hair that grows back is thinner. IPL is similar to laser and is more effective on darker hair, where the laser falls short.