Siddhasana Benefits

Siddhasana Benefits
  • Siddha Asana is one of the postures that involves certain techniques taught by Yoga. This asana has varied benefits if performed correctly. The meaning of the word Siddha itself means accomplished or adept and if one is accomplished in performing this asana then the positive effects can be seen on both arenas - the body as well as the mental health of the performer.
  • One of the main advantages of performing Siddha Asana is that it helps in increasing the concentration power of a person. The pose of Siddha Asana is simple enough if understood properly. The structure of the pose is such that it helps a person to meditate without any major distractions. Thus, it helps with people having shorter attention span, which a huge percentage of the younger generation goes through.
  • Through meditation, the attention span given to a particular thing increases which helps in concentrating. All these things optimize the over all performance of the person. Another major advantage of practicing Siddha Yoga is that it relaxes the muscles in the pelvic area as well as the legs.
  • Sitting in the prescribed posture of Siddha Yoga for a longer duration of time helps in releasing the tension which builds up in specific areas. This has an invigorating effect on the muscle groups in the pelvic region as well as the legs.
  • Siddha asana also helps in increasing the flexibility of the hips, pelvic muscles and the legs as well. Due to the posture required for this asana the hips start loosing all the built up tension and starts becoming more flexible. This asana has the same effect on the muscles in the legs and the pelvic muscles as well.
  • This helps as certain other asanas need flexible lower body muscles. The flexibility acquired through Siddha Asana makes it easier for one to perform   other asana as well. Increased strength and flexibility in the legs and hips helps in the day to day life as well.