Simple Ways to Remove Hair on Shoulders

Shoulders hair removal methods are more popular among men than among women, as men are prone to have thick and overgrowth of hair on the shoulders and back. That does not mean that women do not remove hair on their shoulder and back. Depending on the hair type and ethnicity, some women may not be comfortable with the hair on their shoulders, so would want to have them removed.

How to get rid of Shoulder Hair

During summer months, compared to rest of the body, shoulders and back are the most exposed parts. This makes shoulders hair removal methods more popular. Usually, removing hair from the face and other parts on the front side of the body is easy to do by oneself through most of the hair removal methods such as waxing, tweezing, applying depilatories, and shaving. However, removing unwanted hair on the shoulders and back is not easy to do by oneself because it is hard to see and reach.

People, usually carry out hair removal on their shoulders and back at professional clinics through waxing, electrolysis or laser. One can still try the traditional methods of shaving or using depilatory lotions on the shoulder at home. However, the effort required would be more and the results are too short-lived. Even waxing these parts is better when done at a professional place.

Best way to Remove Shoulder Hair

The two most recommended options for removing hair on the shoulders and back are electrolysis and laser treatment.  Electrolysis is a lengthy procedure where electric current is passed through a minute probe adjacent to the hair follicle. Electrolysis is very effective and the only permanent hair removal option. Hair removal using electrolysis is a painful process, and it might take a number of sessions/visits for the best results.

For those looking for a long-term result but with less discomfort, laser is a good option. Laser causes hair reduction rather than hair removal. Unlike electrolysis, which targets one hair at a time, laser can cover large areas in one go. This reduces the number of visits to the clinic, and is much suitable for back and shoulders hair removal. However, laser is best for dark haired and fair-skinned people. One session would cost $150-$250.

Shoulders hair removal using laser is the best option for most men, as they mainly look for thinning the hair rather than completely or permanently getting rid of it.