Septoplasty Side Effects

If you have severe problem of restricted breathing, severe sinusitis or nosebleeds because of deviated nasal septum, then you might have to undergo septoplasty. This surgery is done to correctly fix the septum that has been deformed since birth or due to some injury. The septum is the division between the two nostrils which is made of bone and cartilage. With the help of septoplasty surgery, your nasal problems might get corrected.

Advantages of Septoplasty:

Major Septoplasty Advantages that you Could obtain From Septoplasty Procedure are:

  • The ability to breathe more freely because of the correction of the deviated septum, which could clear the nasal airways.
  • Due to correction of deviated nasal septum, you could be able to breathe more easily & freely.
  • The sinus problems might get reduced due to elimination of the surplus cartilage or bone.
  • Patients might not have to do overnight stay in the hospital, they would be permitted to go home on the same day of surgery.
  • Relief from problems such as severe nasal headaches, nosebleeds and serious sinusitis.
  • The procedure is considered to be a very safe one considering that it only involves the making of small incisions. There are also no major organs or vessels involved in the procedure, thus bringing minimal risks to the patients who wish to undergo it.
  • There would be less or no scarring involved in the procedure because the incisions are made inside the nose.

There are other septoplasty advantages that you could gain from the procedure as well. While the advantages mentioned are all functional in nature, there are those that are more centered on the aesthetic. The aesthetic advantages of Septoplasty include:

  • Positive change in the external shape & overall structure of the nose with undergoing rhinoplasty. This is specifically observed in cases of severely deviated nasal septum, due to which outside appearance of the nose is deformed.
  • If due to accident nasal septum is deviated, then septoplasty surgery would help in bringing back the original appearance of nose.

Disadvantages & Side-effects of Septoplasty:

  • There could be a risk of infection, as it’s there with any surgery. Antibiotics course could be prescribed by your surgeon.
  • You might experience some nasal bleeding for few days after surgery.
  • You could experience lack of sensation on the nose, upper lip and cheeks. Numbness in the tip of the nose may take several months to return to normal. Other areas will resolve more quickly. Numbness in the nose tip might take many months to recover back to normal, while the areas will come back to normal early.
  • There could be some bruising and swelling of nose area, eyelids area and upper lip area. It will take 1-2 weeks to resolve this & get back to normal

Other Probable Precise Risks & Side-effects of Septoplasty Include:

  • Unresolved problems & symptoms for which the septoplasty is performed like nosebleeds or breathing complications, or sinus problems.
  • Extreme bleeding
  • Fluid may built-up in nose
  • Alteration in the nose shape.
  • Damaged septum or hole in the septum
  • Scars & blemishes of surgery
  • Decolouration of skin
  • Loss of smelling sense
  • Another surgery could be needed in order to treat the complications. Always be clear & discuss with the doctor regarding risks in advance.