What Causes Sensitive Eyes

What Causes Sensitive Eyes

Eyes are our window to the whole world. So sensitivity in the eyes calls for an immediate attention, or the condition is likely to become worse.  There are quite a few causes of sensitive eyes and each of them should be treated differently. Whenever you are experiencing any symptom of sensitive eyes, it is advisable to seek medical help as soon as possible. 

Causes and Symptoms of Sensitive Eyes:

  • Allergies are mainly caused by pollens or irritants from the dust and polluted air around us. These particles are perceived as foreign particles in the body and a lot of sensitivity symptoms follow, like, watery eyes, itching, burning sensation, dryness and sensitivity to light.
  • A minor trauma can also make the eyes prone to sensitivity. If particles of sand or dust, or an eyelash is dislodged into the eye, the uncomfortable and itchiness can lead to excessive rubbing of the eye which makes the surface of the cornea scratched. The myriad nerve endings in the eye then send out signals of pain to the brain which are interpreted as feelings of sensitive to light, wind, or other irritants. However, these abrasions typically heal quickly.
  • There are also some unfortunate incidents, like industrial accidents, where the cornea can be severely damaged. In such cases, the eyes take comparatively longer period of time to heal. The eyes become typically sensitive to light and other irritants with a feeling of uncomfortableness and pain in the eye.
  • With age, a person’s eyes become naturally sensitive. After the age of 40, most people cannot bear the glare of the sunlight or other shiny objects. The eyes may squint, become watery and feel uncomfortable when in bright light.
  • Genetic predisposition also plays a major role in the sensitivity of the eyes. Some people’s eyes are genetically photo-sensitive. Their eyes may pain or water while in excessive bright sunlight.
  • Infections like conjunctivitis can also make eyes temporarily sensitive causing soreness, painful blinking, sensitivity to light, mucus discharge and puffiness of the eyes.

 Some other Causes of Sensitive Eyes are:

  • Uveitis (inflammation of the inner portion of the eye)
  • Iritis
  • Contact-lens irritation
  • Sun damage
  • Refractive surgery
  • Migraines
  • Retinal detachment
  • Sjogren’s Syndrome
  • Burns to the eye
  • Stye or chalazion
  • Corneal ulcer

 Solutions for Sensitive Eyes:

  • Always use sunglasses while going out in the sun.
  • Never rub your eyes when you feel that something has got into it. Splash with cold water immediately.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Avoid eye strain.
  • Use and take care of your contact lenses (if you use them) responsibly.
  • Visit your ophthalmologist regularly.
  • Stay and eat healthy. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables like kale, collard, mustard greens, and spinach as they are good for the eyes. Carrots are a rich source of carotene and Vitamin A. Have enough of them. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish and flax also help your eyes have a better eye health.