Seed Therapy

Seed Therapy in Sujok

Seed therapy is used in Sujok treatment. Sujok means treatment which is used on hands and foot for healing. Sujok is a simple method using acupuncture as the principle. Leaves, seeds, needles of coniferous plants are used as stimulators in the Sujok therapy. Seed therapy is used after the acupuncture method in Sujok therapy. Seeds have proved to increase the vital energy in the human body. It is a painless therapy which can be used by anybody. Seeds are sorted according to shapes and their healing properties and tied to the area to be treated.

Importance of Seed’s Shape in Therapy

The seed therapy uses seeds of various shapes. The shape of the seed indicates the type of seed to be used for specific parts of the body. The seeds of berries and lentils are proved to cure cold and flu. The thrombus shaped seeds are seen to avoid thrombosis. The spherical seeds are used to cure breast, eyes, and head and sometimes back problems. Kidney shaped seeds are specially used for treating kidney and gastric disorders. The seeds used for the treatment of intestinal disorders and troubles related to nose, lip and limbs are elongated shaped. Urinary tract diseases are cured by peach shaped seeds such as seeds of millets. Pancreatic disorders cured by racemose seeds.

Some seeds are special and unique in their curable qualities 

  • Heart ailments are seen to be healed by the use of green peas in the seed therapy. 

  • General problems like constipation are cured by pumpkin and cumin seeds. 

  • Grape seeds and corn seeds are used in the treatment of Diabetes. 

  • Walnut seed is used in this therapy to cure several cerebral diseases.

  • Buckwheat seeds are used to treat many painful disorders of shoulders, tonsils, eyes, tooth, throat and also gout.

  • Flax seeds eliminate the lethal fluids in the body and give aid in inflammatory diseases.

  • Bronchitis can be cured by the rice seed treatment.

  • For hypertension relief, arrow wood seeds are used.

  • To cure Edemas, watermelon seeds are used in the seed therapy.

  • Pomegranates seeds help to cure ocular diseases.  

How are Seeds used in Seed Therapy?

Germinating seeds have effective force of healing and are used by sticking the seeds with sticking plaster on the area of hands and foot. Sharp pointed seeds are applied by mechanical means. Dormant state seeds are used for chronic treatments. Sprouted seeds are used for acute disorders. Walnut, maize and hard mango seeds are used for massage treatment to cure several diseases. Large parts of the body such as areas of stomach, liver and lungs are massaged by the seeds of peach, walnut and mango. Hard seeds of dates, corn, and hazelnut are used to massage small areas near to heart, eyes and nose. The stimulation of the areas needs the use of seeds from one to several days repeatedly. The seeds are changed if the area needs more stimulation.