Sculpture Garden

Sculpture garden is a type of outdoor garden presenting sculptures, generally several permanently-sized pieces of arts in durable materials in landscaped ambience.

A sculpture garden could be either private or owned by a museum and offers a free access to public. Some cities possess large numbers of public sculptures, some of which they jointly display in city parks.

History of Sculpture Garden

Placement of great statuary in gardens stretches from the Renaissance to northern Europe. The initial great set of casts was created for the garden that Francois I established at Fontainebleau in 1528. Garden design became a noble art, and manifesting sculpture came into the picture.Sculpture Garden Francois' enemy, Henry VIII of England, displayed sculpture in his garden at Nonsuch in 1538. Louis XIV collected a wide collection at Versailles, and his admirer, Charles II, had placed antique statues in London gardens.

Modern sculpture garden manifests a wide range of materials. Colored fiber glasses tend to lose color and the fiber glass itself is immensely decayed by ultraviolet light. Ceramic sculptures are durable.
There are several features of sculpture garden which aid to its beauty and design.

Design and Architecture of Sculpture Garden

The primary view of the sculpture garden may be the giant and the cemented statue, or the monuments as an accessory to the green ambience. In planning for the color of the statue, natural and environmental colors are ideal. The following sculptures are most popular figures in adding mesmerizing view to your sculpture garden.

  • The flowing fountain is one of the impressive factors in any backyard. Different type of fountains may offer marvelous sight. Ground based fountains produce a remarkable style of the green place offering a view of rain forest. Wall-mounted fountain is the conventional style of completing the view and feel of tranquility.
  • Sculptural benches or any aesthetically hand-carved wooden benches can also perfectly fit into the green meadow. The added seats are comfortable after the long hours of work. The serenity of the place in addition to cold stone of the benches completes the soothing moments of restful stay.
  • The rhythmic sound of the wind chimes can aid to the tranquility of your garden. Wind chimes are moving sculptures that generate a sound when the wind blows. The sound produced by the wind chime is like music to your ear.
  • Flower pots are one of the basic features. Besides the fact that this will enhance the beautiful scenery, it will also aid to the beauty of your sculpture garden. In selecting flower pots, it would be ideal to opt for giant pots for giant plants. It will be easy to create another motif to your garden in the near future. Small flower pots are of utmost importance.
  • Always be careful while crafting a style, as keeping it simple is still the best. Select colorful and vibrant flowers. These attract butterflies that fit best into the image of beautiful garden. Just be very articulate in planning and these sculpture garden is already an edge.
  • Art is of great essence. It is the gateway for your soul to express your inner feelings. It has a different style of expressing your views and opinions. Sculptures have been one of the ideal avenues of producing art materials.

Keep in mind the above mentioned tips which designing your own sculpture garden in future. It will aid to the beauty and aesthetic look of your garden.