Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility

When in a relationship, both the partners are Scorpios, they pair up for an extremely passionate and intense relationship, - cold one moment, and ignited with love and passion the other! Actually, to understand the emotional intricacies and extremes of passion of a Scorpio, there can be no better match than a fellow Scorpio.

Scorpio and Scorpio Love Compatibility:

The partners are very much alike in their mental makeup, and share the similar positive and negative traits. The partners are very much alike in their mental makeup, and share the similar positive and negative traits. This ensures that when they will be looking at a circumstance or situation, they will do it together from the same perspective. For a smooth and balanced relationship, no doubt this is the first criterion.

The most significant trait of the relationship between two Scorpios is romance and commitment. Once they are betrothed by love, they can go any distance and do anything and everything to make the relationship work.

They are very true as individuals, and though not too expressive always, they always understand the inner feelings and emotions of their partners.

Scorpio and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

However, a Scorpio and Scorpio relationship is not all bliss. After a tiff, none of them is ready to bend down a little and make the first move towards peace. This may give the relationship an unnecessary complicated turn and give rise to misunderstandings. Problems seem to aggravate with time if none of the partners seem to compromise and even at a point, this can be a threat to the relationship.

The partners also seem to be extremely possessive about each other, and that sometimes means intruding in each other’s personal space. Being jealous of the social attention each other is getting is yet a problem between the duo. As far as it is the question of compatibility between a Scorpio and Scorpio, stubbornness, which is an innate factor of the Scorpio sun sign, creates most of the problems in the relationship. Once a Scorpio has made up his/her mind on something, it is very difficult for the other partner to persuade him/her the other way round. If one of them does not compromise at situations as such, the outcome can even endanger the relationship.

Scorpios are always at the extremes, either loving like no other person in the world has loved before, or hating fiercely. The Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility thus says that, either this love match will be very strong, standing all tests of time and distance, or such type of match will wither away very soon and do not exist at all, as the love of a Scorpio has as much ardor as his hate.

Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility Guidelines

The strongest points of Scorpio and Scorpio Compatibility are strong feelings for each other, emotions and desires. That makes their coming back together after a fight as sweet and passionate as their first meet. They are extremely loyal to each other and cherish their togetherness as an invaluable asset. The main guidelines to make their relationship work are being goal-oriented and to use the positive and powerful traits in both the partners to make an unparallel and indomitable relationship. The two Scorpios are extremely fond of each other and defend each other when the test of time demands it. The little tiffs, if at all unavoidable, can be overcome by effort and willingness from both the sides. Scorpio and Scorpio compatibility demands emotional intensity from both the man and woman in the relationship. A long term compatibility will certainly look for conscious efforts from the Scorpio partners to be in a loving and powerful bond.

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