Scene Makeup

Scene Makeup

There is no fixed pattern when it comes to scene makeup. But most of the time the girls want to keep the eyes as their main focus. So, when you are doing scene makeup, it is better to emphasize the eyes, and do not let the makeup of the other parts of the face overpower the eyes. 

For a scene makeup, get some real wild edgy emo/punk look. The main elements of scene makeup are black eyeliner, big lashes, and bright eye shadows. With scene makeup, you can look mysteriously sexy. What is needed is just the perfect makeup technique.

The most popular of scene makeup is the smoky eye look. For those perfect smoky eyes, use black or grey eye shadows. If you want a more dramatic and "sceny" look, you can experiment with colours like violet, chocolate, dark pink, copper, dark green, dark blue or purple.

When you want a scene makeup, you cannot compromise with the use of eyeliners. It is better if you apply it yourself; but, if you are applying scene makeup for the first time ask someone to do it for you. For a scene makeup, girls are free to wear as much or less makeup as they want to, though scene makeup for guys means a lot of makeup.

If in a scene makeup, you want to try cat eyes, apply eyeliner around the eyes and wing it out for the effect. You can use thin or thick lines, depending on your preference.

A bright and bold neon eye shadow will be good enough. The most popular is hot pink. Play with colours - yellow, purple, and if you want, even rainbow. You may want to use pigments, but they are however too expensive. So, an eye shadow will be just nice for the occasion; put them with a wet applicator for the desired effect.

Points to Remember While Doing Scene Makeup

  • Scene Makeup is not liked by most parents and schools. If you really want to do this, tone down the look with an eyeliner and mascara. 
  • While choosing the eyelashes, opt for human hair eyelashes and avoid the artificial ones which look wispy and thick. 
  • While applying the eyeliner, be sure not to get liner inside your eye. 
  • Smudged eyeliner won’t ever make a good scene makeup. It is only going to leave you with the messy raccoon eyes. 
  • Use primer to prevent the makeup from running down if you have oily skin.