Scabies In Toddlers

Scabies is developed by microscopic mite who leaves its eggs under the skin of the baby. It creates serious allergic infection which can cause into severe itching and rashes. Toddlers are more prone to scabies as they share proximity with people and get infected.


There are various way through scabies can transmit in the body like:

  • Child living in a crowded situations e.g joint family or family gatherings can get infection.
  • Patients and healthcare worker can spread the infection in their kids.
  • Due to unhygienic living conditions.


If the child is facing scabies it can be identified with several symptoms as under:

  1. The kid will start feeling serious itching in the entire body. This is very intense and worse in the nights.
  2. There will be rashes on the upper layer of the skin especially in the parts like between the fingers; around the wrists; the scalp and face; the palm and hands; on the genitals etc.
  3. Red or Brown Nodules: Sometimes there are bigger spots filled with water or pus can be occurred on the skin. They can spread the disease further.

Scabies is very contagious and can transmit to other family members too. Anybody who comes in contact with the patient will definitely develop the same problems.


If your child is showing the symptoms of scabies, never diagnose by yourself outright but always consult with the medical consultant for further course of actions. Generally it takes three days to lower the impact with proper medications. In extreme cases it can last in 7 to 10 days in removing the issues completely.

Treatment from scabies is very simple and it involves the use of a special cream in the prescribed manner. Doctors prescribe a complete kit which contains lotion, cream, and shampoo. One needs to apply them on the affected areas or on the entire body as per the instruction from the physician. Usually they are kept on the body for 15 to 20 minutes and then should be washed out.

Proper cleanliness and hygiene must be maintained in scabies. Clothes, towels and other stuff must be washes at a high temperature in the washing machine to kill all the germs and infections. There should be a separate place for the baby to avoid further re infections.

The cream can be applies in the bedtime and must be washed early morning so that the skin should be safe. During the night time the parents need to be very careful about the kid because many times they take their finger in the mouth and it can create a health hazard.

If the itching and rashes do not improve in a week’s time then revisit the doctor and do the necessary checkups and tests. He can prescribe some more medicines and it will be controlled. Scabies cannot cause serious health problems but it makes the toddler very uncomfortable at times. It is curable with simple medication and if one take proper precautions it can be prevented in the beginning only.