Savasana Corpse Pose


Savasana is a yoga asana popularly called as Corpse Pose or mrta asana. It is generally performed in the beginning or at the end of the yoga session. It is said to be a relaxing posture that intends to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. On one hand, Savasana is considered to be a good way in order to reduce the stress and tension while on the other hand it is also recommended for meditation as it tends to induce sleepiness in the person who is performing it.  Savasana is also knows for it counteract on drowsiness or restlessness of the mind as it helps in increasing the rate and depth of breathing. 

Savasana is a relaxation posture that may also involve cooling after exertion, extra clothing or covering thus will be necessary after this session. While lying on the back with arms and legs spread away from the body, eyes closed and taking deep breaths you will find that the whole body is relaxed with this. You will also experience an awareness of the chest and abdomen that will be rising and falling with each breath. Each and every part of the body is scanned in this pose for tension of any kind is it muscular, mental or emotional. The tension is consciously released as it is found. The control over the breath, the mind, the body and the heart is released during the duration of this posture and you tend to feel relaxed and away from all the worries.  

While been in the Savasana pose your body may get into the anabolic state of metabolism during which the repairing or the development of the organ or muscle may occur which will also help to reinforce the sensitivity of the muscle. 

Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Savasana is the name that describes the posture which is preformed in the beginning or at the end of the yoga session. The sole aim of Savasana is to provide relaxation in the body after a strenuous session and also helps it in cooling down. Apart from these it is also useful in relieving the stress, pressure and anxiety from the person’s mind and heart. It has been seen that generally people who are doing Savasana drift to sleep thus they are unable to attain the conscious part of the posture. Therefore there are proper instructions that should be noted down while doing Savasana. 

Instructions for Savasana

  • First you need to sit flat on the ground with your back straight and legs stretched in front. 

  • Next you bend your knees lightly and lean onto your elbows and lie down evenly on your spine. 

  • Now when you see your back is in a parallel position to the floor straighten out your legs and moving one at a time and carefully place them on the floor. Try and place your legs in the center of the back of thighs and calves.  

  • Now start to relax slowly by first letting your feet fall out to the sides and them turning your arms outwards. Your arms should be rested in such a way that your palms face up.

  • Further Stretch your back and rest your head on the center of the skull.

  • Draw the shoulders away from your body and let them be in a comfortable position. 

  • Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. 

  • Allow your complete body to breath and be quiet for some time. 

  • Let your body be in that position for about 20 to 25 minutes and let your mind to be at peace for few minutes. 

One thing you need to remember that while performing Savasana is that, you need to concentrate on each and every specific part of the body so that while taking this relaxation session the skin of the particular part of the body is also slowly relaxed and stress is eased away. Also if at any point of time you feel drowsy while performing the same you need to increase the rate and depth of your breathing which will help you to overcome the state of drowsiness.