Sapphire Engagement Rings

With a very distinct and unique look sapphires are best alternatives for diamonds in engagement rings. Even though diamonds are considered as the traditional choice, because of their continuing rise in the prices, sapphire engagement rings have become more popular in the recent years. Similar to diamonds, the sapphires are also very precious stones that are available in variety of natural colors like yellow, green, purple and white, but among all blue sapphires are considered as the most renowned ones. Sapphire engagement rings are exceptionally stunning especially when the blue sapphire is used as the center stone with diamonds set along the band of the ring.

Popularity of Sapphire Engagement Rings:

  • Besides its historical association the sapphire engagement rings have been cherished by many royal families and famous celebrities. It is believed that sapphire rings symbolize serenity, trust and strong bonding and bring good luck to the person who wears it. So since ages these stones have become great fashion trend, traditional icons and favorite choices for famous personalities.
  • Because of its striking splash of color and distinct look the sapphire engagement rings have become number one choices for both men and women. These rings are available in almost every style based on the individual’s personal taste from oval shaped solitaire sapphire rings to three stone or pave diamond styles in variety of designs and shapes. People who seek uniqueness in their choice can opt for a bold sapphire stone set in gold or platinum metals surrounded by diamonds either in classic or trendy styles.
  • While diamonds are evaluated by cut, carat, color and clarity, the genuine sapphires are best identified by the depth of color and consistency. Set in different configurations like halo, channel, pave etc and different cuts like princess, brilliant and emerald the sapphire engagement rings have wide and varied options to choose from. With many unmatched designs and endless settings the sapphire engagement rings are considered as the best options to their diamond counterparts.

New Trendy Styles:

  • Choose from vast styles of amazing sapphire engagement rings that carry inexplicable aura and cool elegance making the moment a special and unforgettable one. The outstanding beauty and dazzling hue of blue sapphires set them apart from other gemstones and make them excellent gifts for the woman you love.
  • Since engagement ring is a lifetime jewelry that lasts forever, it is very important to select it as per the current fashion trends and styles. The channel set diamond & sapphire ring and Art deco styled diamond ring with sapphire are pretty popular and perfect for someone with exceptional taste.
  • During the past decade the use of colored sapphires in engagement rings with dazzling colors and amazing combinations have become extremely eminent and incredible trendy. Most of the sapphire engagement rings are easily customizable in gorgeous designs according to the individual’s budget and need.

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