Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Sagittarius and Pisces Compatibility

Union of Pisces and Sagittarius will be a bit complex yet it will be jolly too. Complexity may rule the compatibility when these two are paired. There are number of things which are common in the two such as imagination power, incomprehension dream, romantic nature and generosity. There are some major difference in the attitude and personality of the duo which hinder for a perfect love match. While Pisces look for their dream lover on one side and Sagittarius look for a friend in their partner. This is the major reason that the compatibility of the duo goes through some difficulties and lot of effort is required to keep alive the relationship. 

Some other differences are that Pisces are bit inactive whereas Sagittarius are super active and energetic. While Pisces are always buzzing with their enemy, they are very sensitive and get hurt easily. Sagittarius on the other hand is very passive and gets infuriated by their enemy and also they lash out their anger very harshly. Sagittarius are very independent and free in nature this at times get contrasted with the dependent nature of Pisces; as they feel insecure in their presence. 

Sagittarius man and Pisces woman compatibility 2015

A lot of patience and understanding is required in order to work this relationship. Due to the lack of loyalty and faithfulness on Sagittarius man Pisces woman is suspicious on him most of the time. Also Pisces woman are too much possessive in her nature which in turns makes the Sagittarius man feel like a slave and he gets suffocated in their relationship. Love and care turn like a kind of confinement rather that a relationship for him. If we reduce some minor controversies and pull up the hand of adjustment and understanding a love match can be possible and the chemistry may work out. Pisces woman love to live in their dream world and wish to have only few people in that dream whereas on the other hand Sagittarius man loves to live in the real world with lots of people so that they admire and recognize his fame and ability. 

Compatibility between Sagittarius woman and Pisces man

A Pisces Man and a Sagittarius woman have a complete opposite nature and in order to sustain this relationship a lot of effort will be required from both the sides. Sagittarius Woman is free bird in her nature; she does like to be in a caged in while on the other hand Pisces man is too possessive in his nature and he wish to get the warmth of love from her and does not want to share it. In an effort to make his introvert nature change at times she hurt him and sores his wounds. Thus this match will sustain only on the tolerance power and adjusting nature of the two to have a smooth life. 

Sagittarius & Pisces Compatibility: Problems & Guidelines

Sagittarius is free in nature and does not notify any kind of restriction. Whereas Pisces is a complete contrast to such and requires more closeness and commitment from its partner. There will be defiantly a lot of clash in the ideas, though of life, attitude and behaviour which may ignite the sparks and turbulence in the relationship. The straightforwardness of the Sagittarius may hurt Pisces a lot and this may deteriorate their relationship. Therefore a lot of adjustment and too much of effort is required on both the sides to make this relationship work. 

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