Rubidium Nutritional Supplement

Rubidium Supplement Info

Rubidium is a trace mineral that assists in many functions of our body thereby helping us to remain healthy. Rubidium has an ability to alter the function and replication of cancer cells leading to its arrest and is hence used in cancer treatment, same way it also helps in treating depression and many other conditions. Rubidium is usually found in seaweeds, plants, coffee, fish and black tea.

Benefits Rubidium Supplement

  • Taking rubidium supplement can help us have a proper enzyme and hormonal functioning as this trace mineral has a role in enzyme synthesis.

  • Including Rubidium supplement in diet is found to reduce blood glucose as it help in enzymes associated with proper glucose absorption.

  • Rubidium supplement can help regulate hormonal balance in the body by helping in the secretion of pituitary, salivary hormone etc in adequate amount.

  • Rubidium sees to the amount of iron in the blood stream, and makes sure that it is adequately absorbed and regulated.

  • Rubidium is found to increase the level of serotonin in blood, hence helping in treating conditions like depression.

  • The role it has in cell division control makes it a good agent to treat cancer.

Who Can benefit from Rubidium Supplement

Rubidium supplement can be given to patients suffering from cancer (under doctor supervision) due to its activity against uncontrolled cell division.People suffering from depression are also prescribed this supplement to overcome the difficulty. The same way it is also good for anyone wishing to have a healthy lifestyle, but anyway consult a doctor before you start on the supplement.

Side effects of Rubidium

Though no specific side effects are found associated with Rubidium intake, in very rare cases side effects like blistering of skin, discoloration, dryness etc are observed.

Dosage of Rubidium Supplement

Typically Rubidium is taken in the concentration of 1 to 5 mg a day though higher dosages are also found to be safe on people.