Royal Fashion

Royalfashion speaks of styles encompassing dress-up, cosmetics, jeweller etc. thatparticularly goes with king, Queen or other royal member of their family.Elegance, fabulous, luxuriousness etc. all these are applicable only for theroyal fashion. Entirely distinct from the common people these are changeable interms of their designs. Royal people retain their rich and designer wardrobefor several purposes for instance visiting outside countries, presenting beforeguests, meeting delegates and so forth.

British Royal Fashion

If we lookat the British royal fashion, we find Queen Elizabeth II who virtually haspromoted fabulous and glorious fashion. To commemorate the Queen's 80thbirthday, her evening dresses, jewel studded gowns and personal jewelry, artifactswere displayed in the Queen's Clothes Exhibition in 2006. The exhibition onQueen's attires from 1940s to 2006 was organized at the Buckingham Palace StateRooms in London. This included 80 evening gowns in diverse colors most of whichmanifested extraordinary designs.

Gown – Common Royal Clothing

Gown hasbeen one of the most common attires for royal people. Most of the gowns are decoratedwith pearls, gold, and even diamond that are worn by Elizabeth II. Queen's eveningand state gowns are also designed with great art, embroidery as well as highclass decorations. These works are particularly embroidered by Norman Hartnell.

Some Popular Royal Fashion Designers

Highly talentedand world renowned designers Norman Hartnell, Sir Hardy Amies, Ian Thomas showcasedtheir designing talent for the Queen's fashion items including majesty outfits,gowns etc.

Specialties of Queen’s Wedding Gown

Queen'swedding gown was also one of the fashion attires that drew people around theglobe by its magnificent beauty. Some exquisite items like pearls, crystalswere facilitated in the wedding gown when Queen got married with Philip in 1947.Having a good fusion of syringe, jasmine and white rose, pearl orange blossomthe wedding dress was beautifully merged with unique decoration.

Jewelry Articles and Accessories

Wearingprecious jewellery articles and accessories also distinguishes the Queens fromthe general people. Jewellery items of pearls, diamonds, sapphires, rubies oremeralds are immensely popular as royal fashion trend.

Other Sources to Know About Royal Fashion

Sometimes it becomes difficult to know royalfashion, particularly what are donned by Queens or Kings. It is a great idea tovisit the exhibition organized in several occasions only for show cashing theQueen's clothing. Here you can discover the royal fashions encompassing luxuriousclothes, informal dresses, wedding attires, occasional pieces, bonnets, gloves accessories,gowns, coronation robes, parasols, and even their shoes. In addition, if youcan visit several websites you can find myriads images of royal fashions wornby royal figures in different occasions.

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