Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are the latest jewelry trends this season. As, pink signifies love, romance and elegance, the rose gold forms the perfect metal for your engagement ring.
Technically, the pink hue of this gold is due the higher percentage copper (25%) combined with 75% gold in making this jewelry.

Rose Gold Engagement Rings Ideas

  • Rose gold looks fantastic with almost all styles and designs. Some design ideas for rose gold rings with diamond settings are:
  • A solitaire surrounded by a double row of smaller diamonds in pave setting is the most elegant design chosen for rose gold engagement rings.
  • A solitaire diamond in a four prong setting on a simple rose gold band is another classic design for the special occasion.
  • A curved band (in rose gold), with a solitaire flanked by a single line of pave set diamonds adds a romantic twist to this special ring.
  • For men, rose gold offers a variety of bands with a single solitaire with the band styles varying from Celtic to engraved and braided.  They can also try out the cross over bands that can mix rose gold with white gold, with or without diamonds set in the band.

How to Accessorize with Rose Gold Engagement Rings

  • One can go for copper colored accessories to go with the rose gold ring. Purses, shoes or belts in this color provide perfect matches to the rose gold.
  • The rose gold ring can be paired up with yellow and white gold jewelry to create an exquisite piece of jewelry. Bangles and broaches in this combination will add beauty to grace.
  • As the rosy pink of the ring is a color of flowers, it can be combined with clothing in earthy tones and shades of blue. The contrast that the dark blues hues give to the rose colored ring is breath taking.
  • Nail colors ranging from nude to black will accentuate the pinkish tinge in the gold.

Caring for Rose Gold Engagement Rings

As mentioned earlier, rose gold has a higher component of copper in it. And copper tarnishes on exposure to natural elements. They are also more sensitive to abrasives and get slashed and scarred easily. So, care for rose gold rings is important. Wash them in warm soapy water. Store them in soft cloth pouches to avoid abrasion. Keep them away from strong perfumes and deodorants, as also harsh cleaning agents.

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