Rose Garden

Rose Garden

 History of Rose Garden

The history of rose gardens goes back to ancient China. Romans became smitten with the rose and started their cultivation in the prime time of the Roman Empire. When the knights got back from wars in the Crusades, they brought roses to France and England. Today, roses are nurtured worldwide.

The rose has captivated mankind’s imagination for several years, and has taken a place of love and honor in gardens across the world. Roses were first grown in the garden in China, but their use became soon worldwide. The Greek and Roman traditions both placed religious, medical and mythical importance on what the poet Sappho called “the Queen of Flowers”.

Rose Decline

The rose dropped from favor with the death of the empire and only the monastery medic garden was in vogue. It wasn’t until the Crusades when coming back knights brought new species roses that the rose started its come back to prominence in the garden.

Hybridization Lead to Resurgence in Popularity

The fourteenth and fifteenth centuries witnessed the initial work in hybridizing roses in the West. Two hundred new species of rose were discovered between 1580 and 1710. Then in 1781 the East India Company brought a China rose named ‘Old Blush’. Over the next decade the Dutch and British East India Companies developed numerous new China roses, leading to the development of Teas, Portlands and Bourbons. These were crossed with the contemporary collection of species and Old Garden roses, resulting in an evolution of both rose hybrids and interest in them.

Rose Garden Designs

There are multiple rose garden design of which the most popular ones includes:

Flower Bed

Using roses in mixed flower beds is an ideal way to incorporate long lasting color in your garden throughout the season. Many of roses, like shrub roses, can bloom all the way until frost. There are so many sun-loving perennials to select from to accompany roses in the garden bed.

Raised flower beds can compensate for poor soil as when creating cultivated flower beds, you can add new drainable soil on top of poor soil. A raised garden bed lifts the plants above the soil line and enables them to grow in such placed where they cannot otherwise survive.

Training Roses of Fence and Walls

Climbing roses to a wall or a fence adds romance and elegance to the garden. A wall with climbing roses in a garden, grown in a narrow bed and trained along the wall of a house incorporates lot of color and charm to a common patio or to the entrance to your house.  

Climbing Roses are not vines and have no cirrus to hold them to climb vertical surfaces. Therefore, they require supporting tools like a wall or a fence.

Growing Roses in Containers 

Growing roses in containers require protection in winter and selecting the best container roses are very important. During growing container roses bring the color of roses to patios, windows, front steps, decks, porches and balconies by placing them in containers.

These are some of the most popular rose garden designs which are often witnessed in our surroundings.