Right Glasses

Right Glasses


Everyone would want to look cool in a pair of glasses. But most people don’t realize that when one chooses a pair of glasses, one has to go by what suits the face cut and not because it’s in trend.

Most of the time we blindly follow what we see on advertisements and on our favorite Hollywood stars. Though many celebrities may not really find the need to wear glasses, the ‘’intellectual look’’ is something that many would like sport it. Today many of you would be amazed to see the market flooded with different types of glasses available in different brands, shapes and sizes. 

The whole idea of wearing glasses is to pick the right ones that suit your face. Below are a few tips on how to select the right glasses. Make sure you consider a few important points when going for it.

Purposes of Choosing Glasses

The most important thing to remember when purchasing glasses is to protect your eyes. Everyone needs glasses for different purposes, therefore even glasses are available accordingly the need of a person. Some may require glasses that protect their eyes from dust and pollution; some may require glasses to protect their eyes from UV rays, while others may use it just for reading or watching television. Once you known for what purpose you want them, you can go ahead with buying them.

Choosing the Right Glasses

When a person has to choose glasses, he/she should choose the frame that suits the face cut. Three keys points to remember when choosing glasses are:

• The size of the frame should be in scale with the size of the face.

• The shape of the frame should be in contrast with the shape of the face.

• The glasses should be able to highlight your best feature. 

Choosing the right glasses also depends on the shape of the face. We can categorize the face shapes into five categories like round, square, oblong, oval and heart. So, when you go to purchase glasses try and see in which category your face fits in. Many times a person’s face is a combination of two shapes. So, if you are confused just look into the mirror and see which is your prominent feature. This will help you to understand what kind of glasses you need to choose in order to highlight it.

Other than considering your face cut, selecting the right pair of glasses also depends on your hairstyle, coloring and skin tone. Balancing all these is very important to in order to get a complete look.

Since there are hundreds of glasses available in different shapes and brands, try to bring down your choices so that it becomes much easier for you to choose the right glasses. This will not only save your time but also the frustration of going through so many glasses.

No matter what type of glasses you choose, remember to pick a pair that suits your face so that you feel confident while wearing it.