Rhinoplasty Precautions

Rhinoplasty or reshaping of nose is a surgery and has become fairly common these days. People have become conscious about their looks. This applies not only on celebrities and models but also on common people. Looks have become very important for people as in professional arena over all personality makes a lot of difference. Some people are born with defective nose shapes and sometimes due to some accident, blow on the nose or fall from a height can deform a nose. For such people, Rhinoplasty is an answer to their problems. It is a fairly simple operation and recovery time is also short.

Precautions for Rhinoplasty

After going through Rhinoplasty operation, the patient will need to take some precautions so that there will be no post surgery complications. Few important precautions to be taken after this surgery are –

  • As after this operation, the patients face swells and reddens for few days, it is necessary that he does not bend or lift heavy objects as it can enhance swelling. Doctors advise three weeks rest after this surgery.
  • Activities like running, aerobics or cycling are vigorous cardio exercises and are not recommended up to four weeks post surgery by doctors.
  • Similarly, up to eight weeks after the surgery, sports such as rugby, baseball, footy, etc. must not be played as the bones take some time to heal properly.
  • Driving can be resumed after swelling subsides and the vision is not hampered. One may also travel by flight after two to three weeks after the surgery.

Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

  • Before deciding on Rhinoplasty surgery, one must weigh all the pros and cons of undergoing this surgery.
  • As other surgeries, Rhinoplasty is also a surgery where the same risks are there as in any other surgery.
  • Before going under the knife it is important to understand the importance of this surgery for you. Few questions need to be answered such as – Is this operation meant only to enhance your looks? Is this operation important for your self esteem? Answering these questions will give you an idea as to how important this procedure is for you?
  • An individual must be in good health before deciding to undergo this operation.
  • An individual must have his diabetics, blood sugar, etc. in control before going through this operation.
  • Find best possible surgeon to take care of your nose as this operation is going to put your nose in perfect harmony with your face.
  • After going through this operation, the patient will need lot of rest to recover so pile up lots of good books, music and videos to pass time peacefully.
  • Do not panic to see your swollen and red face as it will take some time to subside.
  • Ice packs can be used to help in case of excessive swelling.
  • In case, the pain is too much to bear, you can take some pain killers to relieve you from this situation.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

  • In about two weeks one can see the final results of Rhinoplasty surgery.
  • Recovery takes four to six weeks at the most and varies from individual to individual.
  • People can return to work after 10 days and can also apply make up after three weeks.