Rheumatism Home Remedies

Rheumatism Home Remedies

What is Rheumatism

Rheumatism can be considered a condition in which the individual experiences acute pain in muscles, bones and joints. This disease is mostly found in people who have crossed 45 years of age. However, there is no specific cause for rheumatism; prominent causes may include hormonal disorder, heredity, infection in tooth, etc. Let’s have a closer look as to what are the natural home treatments for this disease. 

Home Remedies for Rheumatism

Patient suffering with rheumatism has uncomfortable nights; pain in joints and muscles makes him incapable of doing anything. Explained below are some of the most effective home remedies used for treating the rheumatism. 

Cod Liver Oil Remedy

Cod liver plays a prominent role in treating rheumatism. It is considered as one of the best oil extract in strengthening bones. 2-3 spoons of cod liver oil if taken with a glass of orange juice can be beneficial in treating rheumatism. This oil will work best if taken before going to sleep at night. This is one of the beneficial home remedies for rheumatism.

Balanced Diet 

Balanced diet plays a crucial role to maintain a good health which is the ultimate remedy to all disease. Patient suffering from rheumatism must be more cautious about his health. One must count on green leafy vegetables, salads, cereals, fresh fruits, and whole wheat grains. In addition, junk foods, spicy and oily meal should be prohibited. Patient should rely on intake of 8-10 glasses of water regularly. This regulates the bowel movement and also eliminates any kind of toxic substance pilled up in the body. 

Red meat, mutton should also be avoided at least by the patient with rheumatism. The uric acid generated in the body by mutton deteriorates the muscular and joint pains. 

Ajwain Seeds Benefits

Consume 2 teaspoons of ajwain seeds with a glass of warm water. Take this combination of ajwain seed and warm water every day on empty stomach in the morning. This is one of the best home remedies for rheumatism.

Walnut Remedy

Walnut is a good supplement to make bone and muscles strong and healthy. Patient having rheumatism should take walnut regularly. 

Potato Remedies

Juice of raw potato is a widely acclaimed Ayurvedic medicine for treating rheumatism. Patient should take 2-3 teaspoon of potato extract 2-3 times daily. This practice should be followed for at least a month to witness better result. Potato peel is also remedial for curing rheumatism. Boil potato peels in a glass of water. Let it boil till water reduces to half. Drain the mixture and consume this 3-4 times every day. This is one of the most effective home remedies for rheumatism.

Bitter Gourd Benefits

Bitter gourd is an invaluable vegetable with loads of medicinal properties in it. Bitter gourd is good for diabetic patients and it is also good for rheumatism. You can take half glass of bitter gourd extract mixed with 1-2 teaspoon of honey and consume it daily. Drink this liquid twice a day for fast relief from joint pains and better results. 


Freshly prepared carrot juice can do miracles to a patient suffering from rheumatism. One glass of carrot juice and 1-2 tablespoon of lemon extract can be consumed daily at least 2-3 times. This remedy is also believed to be one of the useful home remedies for rheumatism.

Lemon Remedy

Lemon has been good for almost all types of ailments. Lemon juice can be taken separately without blending with carrot. You can also take a glass of lemon juice 2-3 times regularly prior to going to bed. 

Apple Cider Vinegar Remedy

In the same way, apple extract vinegar is also very useful in treating rheumatism. Take equal amount of vinegar and honey and blend in a glass of lukewarm water. Take this mixture 1-2 times daily for almost a month. This will manifest tremendous improvement. This is considered as one of the imperative home remedies for rheumatism.

In addition to the above mentioned home remedies people suffering with rheumatism should also do some other things to relax their achy bones and muscles. 

  •  First, you should relax in a warm-water tub mixed with rosemary which would relieve you from inflammation. 
  •  Second, softly apply garlic extract, horseradish essence over the affected area. This will give you fast relief from pain. 
  •  Third, drink raspberry tea for almost 2-3 times daily. 
  •  Fourth ward off junk and sweet food items and follow balanced healthy food. 
  •  Fifth, massage the joints/portions with oil containing equal amount of kerosene oil and olive oil. 
  •  You can also massage warm vinegar.
  •  You should also go for sunbath, etc.
  •  Breathing exercises and yoga are also extremely helpful in soothing from joint or muscular pain. 
  •  Rheumatic patient should lead a happy and healthy life free from any stress. Stress will only cause more trouble and several diseases. 

Just remember healthy food habit, daily exercise and a stress-free, happy attitude towards life is the key source of happy and disease-free life.