Eye Deceases

(H33.1) Retinoschisis

About Retinoschisis:

Retinoschisis is an eye disease which is caused because of the abnormal splitting of the retina's neurosensory layers. Retinoschisis generally occurs in the outer plexiform layer which results a loss of vision in the related visual field. Retinoschisis occurs with a very rare form at the initial level and therefore it is very tough to understand whether the patient is infected with this disease. Generally it can be termed as an asymptomatic form.

Retinoschisis is an uncommon inborn condition. In this disease the retina of the patient gets separated into two layers which results in continuous vision loss.

ICD-10 H33.1
ICD-9 361.1

Symptoms of Retinoschisis:

Some of the most important symptoms can be figured out which are given below -

  • Division of the retina
  • Sudden attack of damaged vision
  • Clinically said ‘Hemeralopia’ means inability to see clearly in bright light
  • Continuous vision defect
  • Experiencing sudden problem of reading difficulty
  • Infected with cystic lesion
  • Getting strain to see
  • Occurring disintegration of retina
  • Getting infected with sharpness of vision
  • Macular atrophy is also one of the most important symptoms of this disease
  • Continuously getting reduced mid vision

Treatment of Retinoschisis:

Generally Retinoschisis has no proper treatment available. However, doctors can advise good medication to get good relief from this. The patients of this disease have to undergo good consultation from recognized medical practitioners to get good solutions for this disease.

Causes of Retinoschisis:

The main cause of Retinoschisis is a genetic birth defect. Retinoschisis generally occurs due to inheritance. This disease usually attacks in the 3rd to 5th decade of a person.

Retinoschisis Types:

There are three main types of Retinoschisis namely Hereditary Retinoschisis, Tractional Retinoschisis and Exudative Retinoschisis. This disease can be classified into three main categories namely – Degenerative,   Hereditary and Tractional. The Degenerative type is further subdivided into two types, one is Typical and the second one is Reticular. Hereditary is also of two types X linked juvenile Retinoschisis and Familial foveal Retinoschisis.