Resveratrol Nutritional Supplement

Resveratrol Supplement Info

Resveratrol in a phytoalexin produced in plants during bacterial or fungal attack and is believed to be very effective in keeping people young and fight ageing related diseases. The chemical Resveratrol is found in abundance in food like grapes, grape skin, raspberries, peanuts, blueberries, Japanese knotweed etc. Resveratrol derived from Japanese knotweed are sold commercially as food supplement and is supposed to work as an anti ageing agent and increase life span.

Benefits of  Resveratrol Supplement

  • Resveratrol is usually abundant in red wine, found to be a very good antioxidant and helps maintain  good health condition in people.

  • The compound has been found to be linked with longer life span and lesser age related diseases like cardiovascular conditions and heart diseases.

  • The Resveratrol compound taken as a supplement is also found to improve exercise tolerance in athletes.

  • The supplement helps reduce memory loss and works to sharpen and increase memory span.

  • Resveratrol is also found to be effective in fighting diseases like cancer, diabetes  and in weight reduction.

  • Resveratrol is also believed to fight conditions caused by viruses like HIV and HSV.

Who Can Benefit from RNA Supplement

Taking Resveratrol supplement can help people to live a healthier life and improve their health standards. It combats the survival of many diseases. Resveratrol which is a natural substance found in red grape and hence red wine has been associated with the excellent health condition of the French, despite their high intake of fat. The supplement which is a natural extract and not associated with any side effect can be taken by everyone, but it is always better to consult your physician before starting the supplement.

Side Effect of Resveratrol Supplement

Though no side effect of the Resveratrol supplement have been found, some studies have found a link between a higher dose of the supplement and breast cancer as the chemical might mimic the effect of estrogens.

Dosage of Resveratrol Supplement

The acceptable dosage of Resveratrol supplement is less than 500mg a day.