Reishi Herbal Supplement

Reishi Supplement Info

The Reishi is an herbal mushroom said to possess miraculous health benefits.  In Chinese it is known as Ling Zhi, literally meaning the supernatural mushroom.  It has been used in Chinese medicine since 2000 years, and has no apparent side effects.  Of the different varieties of Reishi available the Red Reishi is the most beneficial.

Benefits of Reishi Supplement

  • Overall benefits of Reishi are immune enhancement, resistance to disease, balancing metabolic functioning, and promoting longevity.

  • Reishi is anti oxidant, anti inflammatory, and inhibits platelet aggregation.

  • It enhances protein synthesis and nucleic acid metabolism.

  • Reishi is non-toxic and produces no side effects.

  • Regular use of Reishi restores the body’s natural functioning.

  • It is an Immune Modulator; it regulates the immune system of the body.

  • Reishi prevents the formation of tumors, and lowers blood pressure

  • Reishi helps combat common allergies, improves oxygen utilization and improves liver functioning.

  • Reishi has excellent use in age related diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancers, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, asthma, HIV-AIDS, progressive muscular dystrophy.

  • It can be used as an antidote for mushroom poisoning.

  • Reishi balances the five organs lungs, liver, kidneys, heart and spleen.

  • Reishi affects stress response and is effective in treating hypertension, insomnia and anxiety.

  • Reishi reduces blood fat levels, including bad cholesterol.

  • Reishi helps regenerate the liver, inhibits damage to liver cells.

  • Reishi helps in pain relief and as a muscle relaxant

Dosage of Reishi Supplement

  • Mild to moderate immune support take 3 capsules twice a day, for specific immune support 3 capsules thrice a day.

  • For normal health maintenance a dosage of 1-6 gms is sufficient, for serious conditions 9-15 gms.  One can safely imbibe 35 gms a day, but start smaller doses and work up to a larger dose.

Side Effects of Reishi Supplement

  • Reishi is classified as a superior herb

  • It is non toxic and has no side effects.

  • Combining Reishi with Vitamin C helps reduce some effects which may occur on initial intake of the herbs.