Regency Fashion Era

The period spanning from the 1790s to the 1820s witnessed anemphasis on dignity and simplicity which was inspired by the democratic conceptsof the French Republic which got inspiration from classical Greece and Rome forits fashion. Waists were high and lightweight white fabrics were in demand whichwere simple. Woman of the time often donned only three garments; a gown, chemise,and a corset. This was a classic contrast to the clothing of  the future and past periods with theirhorizontal stresses, multiple layers and often great fabrics.

Chemise in the Period of Regency Fashion

The chemise was a kind of undergarment worn by the women duringthe era. The chemise was created with linen or cotton. In latest terms it wasidentical to a long blouse or short nightgown.

Corsets of Regency Fashion

In the early times of the Regency era some women wore fittingbut lightweight linen corset which had an impression similar to a modernpush-up bra while some opted to wear attire without any support. The idea wasto compete with the "classical" Greek appearance of ancient statuaryand the ancient conical shaped corset of the Georgian period didn't do thetrick. A lady manifesting a proper regency style corset will obviously carryherself with flawless posture.

Gown or Dress of Regency Fashion

The gown was of ankle long and had a high “empire” waist.Some bodices scooped very low in front and/or back while others were little moderate.A few sleeveless gowns were also worn during this period. The fabric was generallylight in color with solid white as the favorite of the era. Often a very light andpartially transparent overdress was donned on top of the main attire. Whitecotton voile or silk chiffon was the ideal fabric for such options.

Hats and Bonnets of Regency Fashion

The poke bonnet was quite famous, signature headwear for womenof the period. It was large and scoop shaped. Straw “cartwheel” hats also wonlot of popularity both prior to and into the 1790s and is also expected to gainpopularity in future decades as well.

Spencer Jacket Prevalent in Regency Fashion

The Spencer Jacket was a special item to the Regency era whichwas very easy going with the empire waist gown. It was tightly fitted, hadeither a flat or standing collar and could display short or long sleeves.

Stockings of Regency Fashion

Stockingswere made of either silk or cotton and covered the thighs.

Shoes of Regency Fashion

Low shoes were moreprevalent which were identical to today’s lace-up bootee along with leatherheeled lace-up shoes.

Hairdo of Regency Fashion

Ladies’ hair was quite stylish when collected high on thehead in a classic style with curly bangs and ringlets over the face.

Regency Fashion Accessories

Small purses which shut by a drawstring were famous.Jewellery was worn but for majority of women, it was less ostentatious comparedto their 18th century counterparts.

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