10 Reasons To Include Eggs In Your Diet

Eggs are very useful for health because they contain many nutrients that keep our body fit and fine. One must include eggs in the diet chart to get the maximum benefits. Let us see these benefits in detail.

1. Rich in Vitamins

Eggs are very rich and infused with various useful vitamins. It contains vitamin A which improves the eyesight; vitamin E which controls the cell and tissue damages; vitamin B12 which helps in producing red blood cells; and many others.

2. Weight Control

Eggs keep the person energetic for a longer time and he does not feel hungry. Those who are aiming at weight control must include it in their everyday diet. Eggs supplement many other elements which can cause for weight gain.

10 Reasons To Include Eggs In Your Diet

3. Proteins

Eggs have very good amount of proteins and helps in developing new tissues in body. They replenish the protein shortage in the body and are capable of repairing the damaged tissues up to a great extent. It contains all the nine amino acids to keep us healthy.

4. Increase Immunity

By eating eggs every day one can improve his or her immune power. They are naturally rich in vitamin D that makes the body strong and capable of resisting the common ailments. Kids must take eggs in their breakfast every day so they can become strong to fight with external environment.

5. Support to Heart

Choline supports the cardiovascular systems in the body. Eggs are very rich in choline from inside. They infuse this element in the body and make our heart strong and prevent blood clot, stroke and heart attacks.

6. Cholesterol

Eggs are also very rich in High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol and they maintain it at goods levels in the body. They help in improving the blood lipid profile of the body to make it more synchronized with internal functions.

7. Brain Health

Eating eggs daily enhances memory and make the brain tissues strong. It is always advised to pregnant women to have eggs so that the baby gets the required element for the growth and development of brain function. It prevents from many brain related complications and problems.

8. Support in Vision Problems

Many eye related problems like Cataract and others can be minimized with the use of eggs. It contains Lutein and Zeaxanthin which protect the eye from UV rays. Regular use of eggs in the diet will ensure the strong vision and fewer complications.

9. Minerals

Eggs are very good source of many minerals like Iron, Zinc and Phosphorus which are very essential for the body. They give strength and increase the immunity power. Women are supposed to take them in their diet at regular basis so that there should not be any deficiencies.

10. Support to Bones

Eggs give good amount of calcium to the body as they are very rich in vitamin D. Due to this fact they support the whole bone structure of the body. They make the bone very strong and prevent them from bone related diseases.