Top 8 Reasons That Cause Upper Abdomen Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the major serious problems of the present generation. Today’s life style and food habits aid the weight gain of the body. Some of the fat gain at particular parts disturbs the shape of the body. The fat that gets accumulated at upper abdomen part is usually named as visceral fat that stagnates at the wall as well as surrounding organs of the upper abdomen.

top 8 reasons that cause upper abdomen weight gain

There are several factors that become reason for the upper abdomen weight gain. The combination of the following points may also become the reason for the issue.

1. Unhealthy diet: Unhealthy diet stands at top among the reasons of fat accumulation. Junk food, food that contain less fibers, food items that provide higher levels of calories like sweets, chocolates etc help in the unnecessary weight gain at upper abdomen. The inclusion of more unhealthy food in the regular diet reduces the metabolic levels and help to increase the size of the waist. Eating more at one meal is also not suggested.

2. No to burning calories: Physical exercises that help to burn calories must be included in the regular chores. The less we strain the body, the more we help the fat to get accumulate. Most of the present job profiles require sitting for a long time without providing sufficient body movements. Many people don’t spare time to physical exercises due to many reasons like lack of time.

3. No idea on exercises: Few of the people try to exercise. But as they lack knowledge of exercises, the result remains negative leaving unnecessary strain to the body. When our aim is to reduce the fat at the particular body part, the exercises must be aiming the same. Suggestions by the trainer are always helpful for the better results.

4. Eat more as you exercise: It is one of the major misconceptions that the intake of the food must be increased as you exercise. What we need before or after the workouts are carbohydrates and proteins which can be recovered with a glass full of fruit juice or health drinks. As the stomach get habituated eating more at one meal, the same continuous even after discontinuing the exercises.

5. Mental stress: Mental stress disturbs the health in various ways. Mental stress increases the releasing levels of sugar from the liver and this leads to disturb the metabolism of the body. Even unnecessary body stress, which doesn’t help in burning calories, also helps the weight gain.

6. Unintentional weight gain: The weight that is gained suddenly or gradually because of several reasons like hormonal changes, retention of fluids in the body etc. This type of weight gain occurs even if you didn’t increase the food consumption. The accurate treatment to the cause of the unintentional weight gain helps you to get rid of it.

7. Health complications: Few of the digestive diseases and cardiovascular diseases lead the fat gain at the belly. Some of the medicines also possess side effects which lead to the abdominal obesity.

8. Hereditary obesity: The genetic history of the person also plays a major part in the fat gain. It was proven that many people who are suffering from abdominal obesity have a genetic predisposition. Follow the suggestions given by the experts help to overcome the genetic issue.