Safe Methods and Advantages of Pubic Hair Removal

Pubic hair removal is important to many people for cosmetic and health reasons. Even though, there are many controversies surrounding the issue of removing the hair down there, many men and women are looking for the best ways of getting rid of their pubic hair.  

Popular Methods of Pubic Hair Removal

Listed below are the most popular methods of hair removal suitable for the pubic area.

1. Trimming : Electric trimmers or scissors are commonly used for trimming pubic hair. Between electric trimmers and scissors, the former is a more recommended choice. Even though it is an affordable and easy option, it can be very messy. Moreover, it requires frequent (every 2 weeks) attention and upkeep.

2. Shaving : Shaving using manual or electric shavers is a popular method of removing the hair down there. It is easy to do regularly in the shower. The result of shaving is a smooth and clean pubic area. On the other hand, shaving is prone to accidents, scars, rashes, burns and ingrowths.  Shaving has to be repeated every 2-3 days.

3. Depilatories : Depilatories are hair removal creams. When applied, they dissolve the hair, which can be wiped away. They are easier, pain less, more expensive and low maintenance compared to the above two procedures. However, they are harsh and can cause allergic reaction in some. They have unpleasant smell.

4. Waxing : If you are looking for long lasting (not permanent), smooth results, waxing is the best public hair removal option. When done continuously, the hair growth diminishes over time.  On the down side, waxing can be quite painful and may not be suitable for too sensitive skin.

5. Electrolysis : For 100% permanent pubic hair removal, electrolysis is the one best option. In one sitting, you can get rid of all the hair (no matter what color it is). However, it is a lengthy process (2-12 hours), is expensive ($60/half hour) and can cause severe discomfort.

6. Laser : Even though it is not 100% permanent, laser hair removal is long lasting, faster than electrolysis, and does not cause any discomfort. It is mainly effective with dark hair. The down side of laser hair removal is that it is expensive ($250/session) and requires several treatment sessions (6-8 sessions).

If you are looking for an effective pubic hair removal method, consider all the pros and cons of the methods discussed above, and select one that would suit your needs. While most of these can be done at home, only professionals with the right equipment must do procedures like electrolysis and laser.