Psychological Well Being

Psychological wellbeing is a state of mentally healthy condition. If you are relaxed and comfortable state of mind, you will be considered in psychological wellbeing. However, there are many other factors to justify your state of psychological wellbeing. Psychological wellbeing means mental wellbeing. There is a big relation between psychological well being and physical wellbeing as both are inter-related to each other. To understand properly about psychological wellbeing – you have to understand philosophical ideas related to mental freshness. Some of the most important questions are to be discussed properly to understand about psychological wellbeing state such as - What is mind? How will be the mind be fresh for long time? Psychological impact of mind can turn aside the state of its reaction. So, the mental reaction depends on psychology.

Psychological Behavior - Critical Analysis

As we know that psychology is the science of mind and behavior of human beings and hence psychological interpretation is required to know more about psychological wellbeing. Wellbeing is a state of happiness from all sides. If it is from psychological side, it means a person should be in the state of complete happiness mentally. Psychological behavior is interwoven with physical as well as social and surrounding atmosphere too. Let us have some practical examples to understand psychological impact on our mind – when you happen to see a fatal accident, your mind will not be able to react for some time or you may be in state of regret for sometime because the appearance of the accident will react in your inner part of the mind. If you are a loose hearted, you may faint at that moment when you happen to see the deadly accident. This is because your inner part of the mind is unable to face the reality. Simultaneously, if you get an injury somewhere in your body, you cannot feel comfortable until it gets cured. When you get sad news about some of your near and dear ones, you cannot control yourself to burst out. These are certain factors for which, we are unable to be in the state of psychological wellbeing. We cannot stay away from the psychological state of condition as we live in society. Hence, it is very important to understand how to attain the state of psychological wellbeing to have a greater and comfortable life.

Psychological Defense Mechanisms

Psychological wellbeing can be achieved by many processes such as activities to be mentally fresh, yoga, cooperativeness, being cool and patience, perception and perseverance etc.  

There is a good process to have psychological wellbeing which is called psychological defense mechanism. Psychological defense mechanism is exercised to have an improved mode of behavior, thought, or feeling. A certain process can help the mind deal with conflicts or reduce anxiety by getting back to its original form of gratification.

Psychological Wellbeing - Benefits

Psychological wellbeing can bring complete fulfillment in terms of happiness, wellness, and prosperity and therefore it has to be attained to live a very comfortable life. Psychological wellbeing people never get any problem in his/her life as he/she knows how to tackle problems in a fine tuned manner. Psychological wellbeing people always stay cool and hence, he/she can handle any situation with lot of patience. Patience is the keynote of having psychological wellbeing state of condition. Patience can define easy and hassle manner of solution from any complexity.