Instructions & Supplements with Rich Protein Food

Proteins are the building blocks of our body. It is an important molecule that helps build muscle and repair tissues. Deficiency of proteins affects the immune system and leads to muscle wasting.

Normal individual who consumes a balanced diet will not require additional protein food supplement. But those who are involved in high physical activities such as labor, intensive work and high intensity workouts for bodybuilding and athletic activities definitely need more protein food supplement. This is because, the protein obtained from normal food intake will be utilized for regular bodily activities and there is none left for muscle building. This gap has to be filled by consuming a protein food supplement that is high in protein content.

Protein supplements used for body building have amino acids. A daily intake of 1-2 grams of protein is recommended per pound of body weight (fat weight not included).

Common sources of protein food supplements

Whey proteins are available in 3 forms- Whey isolate, whey concentrate and whey hydrolysate. Whey isolate provides highest concentration of protein whereas whey hydrolysate is a predigested product and hence takes very little time to digest and therefore readily absorbed by the body.

Egg protein is the best wholesome protein food supplement. It is the first choice for the lactose intolerant. It is a dairy-free protein available as powdered supplement.
Casein is another milk protein that is rich in glutamine and casomorphin.

Hemp protein is obtained from hemp seeds and is a rich source of digestible protein and its oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids especially for vegetarians.

Rice and pea proteins are extracted from the rice and pea seeds. This allergen-free protein food supplement is useful for hyper allergic individuals.

Intake instructions for protein food supplements

For gaining muscle mass the following routine is suggested:

  • In the morning after waking one serving of protein shake or protein blend
  • A protein bar at mid-morning
  • A slow digesting protein such as egg protein or casein shakes for lunch
  • A protein bar at mid-afternoon
  • A quick digesting protein shake such as whey concentrate just before a workout
  • A protein shake and an energy supplement after a workout
  • A slow digesting protein shake at night before bedtime

For gaining weight the following routine is suggested:

  • A calorie-rich meal replacement bar or a weight gainer protein shake is recommended for breakfast in the morning.
  • A slow digesting protein at mid-morning 
  • A calorie-rich meal replacement bar for lunch
  • A quick digesting protein along with waxy maize before workout
  • A protein shake and energy supplement after a workout
  • One serving of weight-gainer protein shake before bed