Importance of Protein Bar Vitamin Supplements

Protein bars are good energy boosters rich in protein content. Most of the protein comes from ingredients like milk, whey and soy proteins. Apart from its protein content, the protein bars also contains other nutrients like fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in trace amount. Thus, they can also be used as meal replacements whenever required. But it is not healthy to depend merely upon protein bars. Apart from their role as a meal replacement, they also make excellent snack.

Importance of Protein Supplement in Diet

Protein acts as the building block of the body and is one of the macro nutrients other than fats and carbohydrate required for normal body growth and development. It is required for the cell growth and repair. Protein is also a component of hormones, enzymes, muscles, bones, cartilage, hair, nails, skin etc.

Benefits of Protein Bar Supplement

  • Convenient to handle and store: Since the protein bars are easy and convenient to carry, you can take it to gym and other places and also can have it whenever you feel hungry. It does not require preservation techniques like refrigeration and heat treatment as other protein rich foods like milk and meat requires and thus is easy to store.

  • Good alternative to Candy: A protein bar is a good alternative for those who love candies. Candies are mostly rich in carbohydrates especially sugar which is not good for health. However, choosing protein bars with only 3g or less net carbohydrate can satisfy your sweet-tooth.

  • Enhances Muscle Growth:  A protein rich diet is essential to enhance muscle growth. According to a study conducted by Ohio University, male participants who had under gone strength training with and without consuming protein bars, the participants who had consumed protein bars showed better result with good muscle build up than those who merely depended on strength training. This result shows that a protein bar along with strength training helps in enhancing muscle growth.

Protein Bars Supplements Dosage

Protein bars can be eaten at any time. Preferably you can eat it either before or after workout as per the need. Keep in mind to have it 20-30 minutes prior to or after work out. It is better to consume it after work out since you need protein to build up damaged cells.

Side Effects of Protein Bars Supplements

Since protein bars are good energy boosters they do not cause any harm. But depending merely upon protein bars with out eating other foods may be dangerous as you might get deprived of nutrients required to maintain a balanced diet. Also too much protein intake may some times lead to kidney disorders. According to the Center for Science, it recommends people to eat as much as whole foods as possible and depend on protein bars in moderate level to get better result.