Professional Skin Care

Professional skin care products are what can make you look actually like a professional!  In fact professional skin care products can reverse the harm done to skin, combat existing skin traumas, and protect skin from further damage by their powerful ingredients and special composition that aren't found in over-the-counter skin care products. 

Relying on professional skin care treatments under the guidance of cosmetic dermatologist, damaged skin can be revitalized, and wrinkles, age spots, and sun blemishes can be lightened. Specialized skin care products can remove acne and regain moisture to dry areas to enable patients obtain beautiful and healthy skin. Let’s have a greater insight into skin care products of different professional product lines that can catapult your skin texture and overall complexion. But these cosmetic products are not free from side effects!

Accutane Skin Care

Accutane is a prescription drug facilitated by nearly 2 million people across the globe to alleviate scarring acne. Accutane is one of the strongest acne-fighting medications available in the market. Accutane cures acne during the initial six-month treatment duration. But women who are pregnant or could become pregnant are not recommended this medication. 

Glytone Skin Care

Glytone is yet another chain of professional skin care products that rejuvenate and pamper the skin to introduce a younger and clearer complexion. The glycolic acid present in this product permeates deep into the skin to alleviate fine lines and wrinkles, and diminish acne on the face and body. The Glytone skin care therapy encompasses exfoliating cleansers, penetrating moisturizers and rejuvenation peels. You can regain vitality and smoothness to your skin through a regular regimen.

Kinerase Skin Care

Kinerase is also a prominent and popular professional skin care product line which offer gentle, yet effective, non-prescription skin care treatment, that can enable you obtain younger skin without using injectable fillers or laser skin tightening therapy. Kinetin is a plant-based extract which is also the primary active ingredient of the Kinerase line of skin care products. It is predominantly used to enhance the appearance of skin and alleviate the effects of aging, blotchiness, sun damage, and dryness.

La Roche-Posay Skin Care

La Roche-Posay manufacture fine-quality professional skin care products line facilitating selenium-rich thermal spring water available in France. Selenium is a strong antioxidant that can treat wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin conditions i.e. dry, dehydrated, and oily skin. A cosmetic dermatologist can suggest you the right skin care information specific to your skin's unique requirements and advise you on the La Roche-Posay skin care therapies that will offer you optimal outputs for enhancing your complexion and diminishing unpleasant skin conditions.

Md Forte Skin Care

M.D. FORTÉ offers a wide spectrum of professional skin care products pregnant with alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) to alleviate fine lines, eliminate sun blemish, and reduce the size of large pores. This product line combines glycolic acid, an AHA, with the slight neutralization method. By generating glycolic acid storage, released over time, greater concentrations of acid can be facilitated in the product. This process attains maximum skin rejuvenation with minimum inflammation than other AHA skin care products. 

NeoStrata Skin Care

NeoStrata professional skin care products are composition of both alpha-hydroxy acids and patented polyhydroxy acids to catapult the entire skin condition. Professional NeoStrata products can improve the visible signs of sun damaged and aging skin. It can also be facilitated to treat facial dermatological conditions i.e. facial acne, dehydrated skin, body acne, and pigmentation problems.

Neova Skin Care

Neova products offer anti-aging cure based on patented Copper Peptide Therapy. It has been proven that copper plays a crucial role in generating collagen, glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), and elastin which are the major components of skin cells. Neova’s entire product of cleansers, masks, moisturizers, and lotions can cut down the appearance of wrinkles and rejuvenate skin’s youthful vitality and smooth glow.

Obagi System

One of the most recognizable professional skin care product line is Obagi that creates products offering a variety of options to meet individual treatment objective. Whether you are looking for anti-aging benefits, anti-wrinkle therapy, or acne alleviation, Obagi has professional skin care products suiting your skin type.

Retin-A Skin Care

Retin-A is a substance composed of retinoic acid and the active ingredient tretinoin. Retin-A is identical to vitamin A and is facilitated to treat acne and combat wrinkles for nearly 30 years now. It increases skin and collagen production at a cellular level resulting in treating wide range of adverse skin conditions, including sun blemish, aging, and acne. Many skin care products containing Retin-A are available in the form of gels, creams, and lotions.

Revision Skin Care

Revision Skincare professional skin care product line can restore life in your skin. Facilitated in seven-step treatment process, Revision skin care products function to refine, regain, resurface, hydrate, and safeguard the skin, leaving only younger-looking, healthy, and beautiful skin.

SkinCeuticals Skin Care

SkinCeuticals professional skin care products give the primary elements of a skin care regimen i.e. correction, prevention and protection. SkinCeuticals products are formulated and tested for optimum effectiveness. SkinCeuticals products can revitalize and beautify your skin by alleviating skin imperfections and damage, protecting your skin, and preventing further skin damage. 

Benefits of Physician Grade Skin Care Products

Physician grade professional skin care products offer a quality of treatment that is more effective than that of conventional over-the-counter skin care products. Over-the-counter treatments usually contain moderately effective components that offer marginally acceptable outputs. Professional skin care products can offer the most effective active agents for catapulting the skin and treating skin conditions. A cosmetic dermatologist can suggest the right products for your skin type.

Start a New Skin Care Regimen

Take the first steps towards healthier and more beautiful skin. Considering the above mentioned professional skin care product lines, find a cosmetic dermatologist to discuss specific professional skin care products and know how they can enable you obtain the desired goals.