Principles Of A Successful Father

Principles Of A Successful Father

It is every man’s dream to become a father. The very joy of being called “DAD” by somebody is an amazing feeling. The responsibility, the hard work and the affection and love you have to dedicate to your children is enormous, which any father is ready to take up gladly. Though all these things fit in place, there is one loop hole which a father has to overcome in the very early stages. Fathers are always the hero figure for kids, but it’s the mother who they go to when in need. This is not something wrong but this may become a luxury to them after sometime. Children should understand, appreciate and love the father’s role in the family. 

Men are inclined to take up the responsibility of the family. Though in the present day there is not much of difference between women and men, it still has an effect on children. Mothers naturally spend more time with the baby. This develops an unending bonding of the child with the mother. After a certain age the father has to make an extra effort to understand the child and also make him understand him. 

Things To Do To Become A Successful Father

There are few needs of children which every father should understand. The early he understands the better the relation would be. The special needs of  children,  if fulfilled will help you develop a very good rapport with your child. Here are few generalized points which every man who is a father or is about to become a father should know. 

•  Emotional Backup – it is very important to be the pillar of emotional support for your child. Children expect parents to support them in every aspect as they don’t know what is right or wrong. Therefore it is important for you to give a proper foundation for your child by which he will understand the necessity of improving and accepting. As men are a little emotionally stronger than women, it is the fathers responsibility to understand the emotional need of the child and support him.

•  Teacher student relation – for the first 10 to 12 years there should an indirect teacher student relationship with your child. As children have a tendency to look up to their parents it is important to teach them all the necessary values and objectives which will help them in future. Fathers need to go hand in hand with the child’s abilities and set targets which are practical and achievable. This will imbibe learning habit in the child.

•  Role model – some fathers have the tendency of telling their children what to do whereas they don’t do it. These fathers are never successful. Children are self learners. They try to replicate whatever they see. Therefore ordering or requesting them to do something will never help you in making them do anything. Instead be a role model for them. Participate along with them and show them how it’s done. This will encourage them in following you and adapting good habits.

 High expectations – set realistic goals for your kid. Have high expectations on your child. By setting high goals you will help him in performing better in life. Encouraging him for the smallest of achievements will boost him in a positive way which will help in making him respect you.

•  Respect for one another – Mutual understanding or mutual respect, is very important while dealing your kids. Some fathers go too soft on their child which will only make them arrogant. You should be able to develop certain degree of respect for each other. Keeping your views clear and transparent and making the child understand the value of him and imbibing the qualities like respecting womanhood are all the various aspects which help you in building a health and constructive environment around you both. 

These above points will help you in routing yourself to become a successful father.

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