Prickly Heat Rash

Prickly Heat Rash


Prickly Heat rash strikes everyone at some or the other point of life and generally when we are at the infant age. Most of you must have experienced the small red puss filled blisters that brings along with it the irritation ailment and itching too. This might have created a horror in your mind but to relax you here is another piece of news that these prickly heat rash is easy to treat and there are lots of precautionary measure so that it can be avoided too. Thus you do not have to live with this throughout your life.

Prickly Heat Rash Symptoms and Treatment

Prickly Heat Rash is defined as a skin condition that is caused due to the obstruction of the sweat glands. It is mostly seen effecting infants but adult too get affected with it at times especially during the summers. In infants the heat rash occurs in the diaper area as it is predisposed to warmth and moisture. It occurs when the skin is exposed to direct sunlight or the body is kept in a warm temperature without any ventilation. When the excess moisture is retained from the sweat glands results in irritation of the skin and rash occurs.

Being irritating and frustrating prickly heat rash has never been a serious condition that we need to worry a lot. It can be treated easily and clears up in a matter of days. But for that you have to act very quickly and wisely; the moment you see small clusters of blisters and they come and go with the exposure of your skin in warm and heat. You have to immediately take some actions. First of all you have to remove the tight fitting clothes and wear some light ones so that some air is passed into the skin. If you see such symptoms in infants then make sure that area should not be covered in any kind of cloth so that their skin can breathe in some fresh air. To ease the itching you have to take the help of steroid cream and take showers in cool water to sooth your skin.

You can also give relief to the rash with oatmeal baths as oatmeal acts as a drying agent that speeds the healing process. Ointments that are made to draw out excess moisture from the skin can also be used to heal the heat rash or some anti-itch medicines also offer a gentle and natural source or relief.

As prickly heat rash is common problem it can be prevented very easily. All you need to do is take care of simple and small things such as avoid wearing tight clothes and doing excess of activity in the sunny and hot weather. Apply good moisturiser to the skin regularly and daily to keep the skin in good health; and finally taking multi vitamins daily will increase the immune system and this will avoid any kind of bacteria attack that causes the prickly heat rash.

Human skin is the largest organ in the human body and in some ways it is the most delicate one too. If your skin is healthy then it is the best key to keep yourself overall healthy and it takes only few steps and measures. With few easy steps you can keep your skin soft, smooth, glowing and fresh and also properly moisturised this will keep the prickly heat rash at bay and your entire body will be relief and healthy.