How to Prevent Bleeding Mascara

How to Prevent Bleeding Mascara


Bleeding Mascara can be menace for most women. Women all over the world struggle to ensure that their eye lashes don’t get clumpy or start to bleed at some point during the day. With other make up mishaps, it is usually easier to do a touch up. However, if the mascara starts to bleed, it is very hard to control it and to remove the dark streaks from the rest of the face. Touch ups are much harder in this case.

Care During Application

First off, it is necessary to purchase good quality of mascara. This itself will reduce the chances of it smudging or bleeding at some point during the day. If your mascara does smudge with too little effort, then it is recommended that you start with applying it first. That way, you can clean up any mess easily later, and also give it some time to settle down.

Reasons for Bleeding Mascara

●     Many brands of mascara also offer primers. These primers will help hold the mascara in its place for longer and will smudge less. It is an additional step in the process but will do a lot to keep your eyes in check through the day and is so worth spending time on. One common mistake that people make is to be impatient with their primers. If you are impatient with your primer, your mascara will clump and eventually bleed. It is important to ensure that the primer is fully dry before going out, apply the mascara.

●     Applying too many coats of mascara can also cause it to bleed. It is important to wait for each coat to dry before applying the next. It is also necessary to ensure that the coat isn’t too thick itself. By keeping the coats thin and be keeping some dry time between them, you can reduce the chances of it clumping and then bleeding.

●     Many people don’t wait for it to dry fully before moving on to the other make up activities. It is important to wait for it to fully dry and then to comb it out using a lash comb. That will remove any obvious clumps and accentuate the eyes better.

●     When you take the mascara brush out of the container itself, there is a chance that the mascara on it is already clumpy. So it is important to notice that before applying. If it does appear to be too thick or clumped, it is recommended that you use a tissue and clean it up. That way you will still reduce the chances of your mascara clumping at a later stage.

●     Usage of mascara on the lower lashes. The lower lashes are positioned very close to the skin and so the mascara usually transfers over to the skin at this point. Therefore, it is recommended that you avoid using it on the lower lashes. Your chances of it bleeding are drastically reduced, and it also looks very fashionable and trendy.

●     Rubbing eyes during the day needs to be avoided.