Pretty Makeup Tips

Pretty makeup tips can make change your looks at the flash of a second, no matter what your skin tone is. Just a few products, and a few minutes, and you are ready to turn heads!

    • Always use the right tools and products. The applicators that come with makeup products are usually flimsy. Invest in a set of good quality brushes which will not only make makeup easier, but will last for years.
    • For applying pretty makeup and be a head-turner, you have to take proper care of your face. Wash your face regularly, preferably with a face wash suited for your face type. Exfoliate your skin with a gentle face scrub at least twice a week. Always keep your face moisturized. Apply the moisturizer when your face is still damp.
    • While using foundation, always take care that you put the foundation evenly on your whole face. You can use a small makeup sponge and an airy spray foundation to create the effect. Take enough care to clean and swipe the foundation from the wrinkles and lines because they tend to get clogged there. Take some loose mineral power and dust your face lightly. That will give your face an even finish.
    • You may need to pay some extra attention to problem areas - any zits, redness, or discoloration. Dust over loose powder above them carefully to make the foundation stay in place.
    • After all, eyes do create the most lasting impact on anyone. With a sharpened black eyeliner pencil draw thin lines in and out, only pressing lightly in the rim. Try to make the inner line as thin as possible. It will prevent you from becoming messy with raccoon eyes. The outer liner should be dark and thicker.
    • Use a beige/cream eye shadow. If it has a hint of sparkle and shine, it is the better. With an angled brush, gently sweep over the eyebrows, and on the brow bone. Now you can use a gold shadow to highlight the eyes. The warmer your skin tone is, the richer shade of gold should you go for. The people with lighter skin should go for creamier, paler gold. Now gently brush it over the lids, into the crease. Make the shadow deeper at the lash-line and lighter as you move upwards. Finish with one or two coats of black/brown mascara.
    • It is time for focusing on the cheeks now. You can use either a loose or cream blush. Start with a small amount first and blend it on the cheeks carefully. The main trick of nice and rosy cheeks is a perfect blending only. Now again the same mantra, the deeper your skin tone is, the richer should be the colour you should go for.
    • For the lips, opt for a less dramatic makeup as you have focused on your eyes. Choose a nude shade or something close to your skin colour with a little glossing. Line the lip with a neutral coloured lip pencil. Then apply a lip balm that contains a good SPF. Now use the lip gloss, - a neutral colour will be nice. You can also go for lighter shades like beige, pale pink, or rose.