Prepare your Home for Winter

Who wouldn’t be familiar with the lofty energy bills and the last minute run around during winter to get the heating systems right. Keeping a keen eye on your house and its arrangement can always help to save you from the last moment run before winter to get the heating systems and everything rights. Doing the right thing before you enter your place can also help you to save a lot on the electricity and heating cost as you won't have the heat leaking out from your house if properly geared up.

When to Start Preparing Your House for Winter

You can start the preparation to welcome winter as early as the fall equinox begins and the temperature slowly goes down. It will be helpful if you have made a note on your last year's winter disasters so that you don’t have to go through the same pain again. Waiting for the onset of the winter season before starting the preparation for can be a real waste of time, cause you will have to suffer the winter for a few days or a week before you get totally equipped to beat it and by the time the cold might have done its bit of harm.

Here are some things to take care while preparing your home for the coming winter

Check your Doors and Windows

Check if your doors or windows have any crack or opening around it which will let in the cold air during winter. Make sure to weather shield your door so as to protect yourself when the temperature dips down. You can have a storm window installed if your present windows are not made from insulating glass, try to get energy star certified products as it is more efficient and worth the cost. Caulk all the cracks before winter sets in so that no heat escapes out from your home and you are kept warm and cozy without spending unnecessary surplus on energy due to heat leakage.

Check the Heating System

An hour without the heating system working can freeze you numb during winter when the temperature goes down to freezing. So make sure that all your heating system is in order and you can regulate the heat in your house without much effort. An annual inspection of the furnace and heating system can save you from cold and at the same time increase the life of your furnace. See to it that no pipes or outlets of the system is cracked. You can call upon an air condition and heating system professional to see to your system before the winter. Also make sure that you have your furnace filter replaced so that it works more efficiently and at the same time traps more dust and other particles. Try to keep in hand an extra filter or two so that you can change it whenever it calls for. You can also try adding an extra insulation to your basement before winter to have more of heat.

Get Your Fire Place Ready

Sitting near the fire during the frosting winter are always an extra treat, so make sure to clean your chimneys and outlets to remove the soot and char. Also add a screen to the openings of the chimney to prevent birds and rodents entering your house. And don’t forget the main thing; to stock in some good fire wood for the winter to come.

Roofs and Gutters

Inspecting the roof and cleaning the gutters is a must if you don’t want winter disaster to happen to your house. See to it that your roof is strong and there is no loose or missing shingles in it as you would never want your roof falling down from the weight of the snow. In the same way make sure to declogg your gutter and drainage so as to allow proper flow of water when the snow melts, otherwise you are going to end up having a flooded basement. Also prepare your drainage so that the water runs at least four to five feet away from the gutter.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector

Heating your room during winter can sometimes lead to production of smoke and carbon monoxide. So install a smoke and carbon monoxide detector close to your furnace and heating systems and make sure that it is in proper working condition. Also take care to charge them on time and replace the battery before the winter. You should also swap your old detector with a new one it every ten years or whenever it calls for.

Check the Exteriors

Trim your plants and shrubs and see to it that all the dead leaves and branches are cleared off before winter. Also seal any entry point into your house through which rodents like mice enter your home, even they like to enjoy the coziness of warmth of your house during the cold. So seal every bit of small and big opening through which they can come in. Take care to shift your potted plants which are sensitive to cold from the garden to some place inside your house.

Get ready and make sure you are prepared to welcome this winter.

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