Prepare Self Skin Tanning

Prepare Self Skin Tanning

You can prepare yourself at home for skin tanning if you want to have long lasting youthful appearance. However, you have to know how better tanning can help your skin. Although skin tanning is a systematic method but it is very simple to get good looking skin. 

In order to look good many a people prefer sun tanning. However, sunless tanning is also preferred by most of the people. But you should look for good results for whatever tanning process you use. The good results can be expected once you are well versed with the complete skin tanning process. 

What exactly you should know for Skin Tanning?

  • Prepare the skin for tanning before you are affected by the dangerous UV rays
  • The sun and tanning beds radiate ultraviolet rays 
  • These rays stimulate the melanin production in our body
  • In winter the UV rays have a lower intensity and in the summer it has greater intensity
  • In winter the skin regains its natural bloom but in the summer the skin becomes more sensitive and prone to sunburns

Now, you have to prepare for proper skin tanning in the winter and in the summer season alternatively. You have to ensure that you must use the best tanning as per your skin requirements. You should also know the types of your skin. As every skin type will have different types and methods of skin tanning processes.

Prepare Skin Tanning:

You have to know some simple steps to attain the healthy and consistent skin tanning – 

Remove Dead Skin – 

You have to remove dead skins from your body. You can use a large-grain body scrub or exfoliating scrubbing sponge to remove all your dead skins. You can also scrub off skin. You have to concentrate on removing dead skins from the scaly areas particularly from the back of your arms, your knees and elbows. Remember scrubbing too hard can cause irritation.

Clean your Skin – 

You have to wash the skin using warm water. Being clean is very important to be ready for skin tanning. If dirt is there on your body then you cannot get proper tanning. Plain soaps are advisable here but you do not use some other soap that may cause reaction on your skin.

Shave Properly – 

You have to shave your legs and other parts of your body. If you shave properly then tanning is advisable. So, make sure you have shaved unnecessary hair before tanning. As you are a self tanner make sure that you shave redundant hairs from your body and make your body fit for tanning. 

Dry body – 

You have to get dry your body completely before tanning. Skin tanning cannot be used in wet body. So, get dry for tanning.

Apply Moisturizer –

After getting dried, you have to apply moisturizer on your elbows and knees. As you are a self tanner you should know where you have to use moisturizer. 

Rinse and dry hands – 

You have to wash your hands again and then dry them. If you do this you are now fit for skin tanning. 

Always remember to care for your skin and protect it with sunscreen lotion. If you are really serious about your skin and want it to be youthful for long time then do not forget to consume as much water as you can. Use skin tanning in a proper manner and be youthful for long time.